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Brian Williams Angry with NBC Over Rock Center Treatment

Brian Williams Angry with NBC Over Rock Center Treatment

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Brian Williams is angry with NBC executives over treatment of his evening program Rock Center, claims news. Brian Williams is purportedly angry with NBC over three issues: promotion, time slot, and expansion. Williams has yet to confirm the same.

A new report from the Hollywood Reporter claims that Williams thinks NBC has dropped the ball on three topics for Rock Center. First, Williams reportedly wanted to the show to be expanded to multiple nights. But that concept is reportedly not being pursed by NBC. THR reports to news that “plans to expand it to multiple weekly airings have been abandoned.”

Second, Williams is reportedly upset the show did not get enough viewer marketing episode to episode. “Sources at NBC News say Williams was angered that Burbank execs did not give the show the promised promotion” claims THR.

Finally, Williams is purportedly unhappy with his latest move to Friday night. Friday nights typically are harder nights to draw big ratings numbers. “NBC brass might have upset Williams with the move [to Friday]. He closed Rock Center on Feb. 8 with a segment characterizing Friday as its “latest resting place.”

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