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No Lawsuit Sought Over What Brandy Said about Adrienne Maloof

what did brandy say about adrienne maloof family lawsuit is she suing

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Is Adrienne Maloof suing Brandi Glanville and what did Brandi say about Adrienne Maloof’s family? Brandi has been exclaiming on RHOBH for weeks “Adrienne and Paul are suing me”. But no lawsuit is being pursued over what Brandy said about Adrienne Maloof’s family, viewers learn tonight. Maloof tells Brandi that she is not suing her. But Lisa Vanderpump has her own opinions about the revelation.

This season, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast has been loosely tossing around words like “suing”. For weeks, Brandi Glanville has been shouting that Adrienne Maloof is “suing me”. But tonight, three new twists erupt in the “what did Brandi say about Adrienne Maloof” saga.

First, Adrienne Maloof is not suing Brandi. Maloof tells Brandi that she is misinforming the ladies in “the group”. But some are left baffled. Lisa tells news that “I think Adrienne is fudging the truth. A letter was sent, be it from a lawyer, or from her [Maloof]. It came from her camp.”

Brandi is surprised by the revelation. “Time out. Time out. You are not suing me? … Then why I am spending so much money defending this?” She adds “I will give you my lawyer’s bills.”

Maloof calmly says there is “no lawsuit”. “My lawyer is not suing you and there is no lawsuit “ She repeats it again clearly for Brandi. “No, there was no lawsuit. Why have you attacked me so much and care about my life so much?”

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Second, Brandi says she thinks the dispute with her and Adrienne is not resolved. Brandi asks “I care about your life?” Adrienne says “you absolutely do. You care about everything I do.”

Brandi says she is tired of dealing with Adrienne’s lawyer. “I don’t care about anything you do. I care about what your lawyer does to me.”

Third, Maloof tells Brandi that she is still hurt. “I care about my family and the things you have said about my family. I don’t think they are nice.” And Maloof claims that Brandi never apologized for her remarks.

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Not so says Brandi. “I did apologize. I sent her an email and copied it to all the other girls on it so that no one would have to wonder if I had apologized. And it may not have come as often as Adrienne wanted it, but she got her apology. “ And of course, Brandi and Adrienne give the noted “shame on you … shame on me, shame on you” remark tonight as well. Brandi remarks, while not set to air on Bravo, were that Maloof used a surrogate for her twin boys, as Adrienne recently told news.

But behind the scenes, the cast reveals that it’s time for everyone to “move on”. But can they? Kyle Richards tell news “look how many people are fighting right now”. Lisa Vanderpump replies “I know. I hate it.”

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Kyle says it’s time for Brandi and Adrienne to find a common ground to resolve the matter. “I never should have mentioned Adrienne’s name [in Las Vegas]. I hope all of us can get past of this and never talk about this again.” But Lisa says a solution needs to be found. “Adrienne needs to focus on the solution, not the problem. It’s been a while..she has left too much time elapse.”

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But Kyle tells news that Brandi is to blame. “Our group has been fighting allot lately. And there is one common denominator… Brandi.” She tells Lisa “I don’t want Brandi to come between you and me.” Lisa doesn’t see it though. “What does she keep doing?” Kyle replies “She is just saying things on purpose that are embarrassing for Adrienne.” But Lisa remarks “well maybe she is too honest … But that is who Brandy is.”

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