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Catherine Giudici: Who Wins The Bachelor 2013 Is Still Engaged?

Catherine Giudici: Who Wins The Bachelor 2013 winner spoilers still together Engaged

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The person who wins The Bachelor 2013 is still engaged to Sean Lowe, spoilers claim tonight. Are Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe still together and do they get engaged in the final rose ceremony? And was Catherine Giudici wearing a secret engagement ring on last week’s episode? The Bachelor spoilers 2013 from claim that on tonight’s telecast for February 11 two women are sent home. And viewers are left guessing if Desiree Hartsock has a secret boyfriend.

Catherine Giudici, the eventual Bachelor 2013 winner, survived major eliminations last week. But tonight, the show changes course. A week ago, the cast headed to Montana with eleven women competing for Sean Lowe. Tonight, The Bachelor 2013 reveals its final four contestants. Spoilers claim that your Bachelor 2013 Top 4 are Lindsay Yenter, Desiree Hartsock, Catherine Giudici and Ashlee Frazier. Frazier, however, is the key tonight. Her one-on-date this evening originally was revealed in the season’s trailers. tells news that tonight’s show head to St Croix. The show begins with six women but two are eliminated. The first one-on-one date is given to AshLee, Steve reports to news. Steve says that Sean Lowe’s sister Shay makes an appearance tonight as well. “Sean’s sister Shay appears in St. Croix because Sean wanted to see her on her birthday, which was Oct. 25th, the day of the rose ceremony.”

One woman is eliminated tonight in the rose ceremony and another woman is cut before that. Tierra reportedly has had enough of the show, Steve tells news, and is purportedly sent home before the finale rose segment. The second cut tonight is Lesley Murphy, Steve indicates to news.

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Meantime, Steve told news that many viewers were left baffled last week when the show filmed in Canada, asking if Catherine Giudici was wearing an engagement ring. Steve tells news in his Bachelor 2013 spoilers update that Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe don’t get engaged until the final episode. And he reminds fans that Catherine and Sean are still together.

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A week from tomorrow, however, the show will get a new twist. It’s called a “Sean Tells All” episode airing after the hometowns episode. Steve tells news that the episode has no impact in the final results of the season. “They’ve never done something like this before, so I have no idea what it’s going to entail, but I’m going to guess nothing too earth shattering.” He adds it will probably feature “Sean in a pre-taped interview with Chris Harrison going over the season, talking about certain women, and discussing what’s upcoming.”

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But one twist that is expected to air potentially later in commercials tonight concerns Desiree Hartsock and her secret “boyfriend”. Desiree appears to have a shocker ready for Sean Lowe during her hometown date. The shocker is the purported “secret boyfriend”. But Steve tells news that there is no boyfriend. Rather it’s a prank played by Desiree Hartsock on Sean Lowe to get back at his prank on her at the art gallery. “So no, Desiree does not have a boyfriend back home and that was all an act.”

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Apparently Sean doesn’t find it funny. Because at the end of next week’s Top 4 telecast, Desiree is sent home. In the final episode, Lindsay Yenter and Catherine Giudici battle for Sean Lowe’s love. Catherine Giudici wins The Bachelor 2013 and Lindsay Yeter reportedly wins the role of The Bachelorette 2013.

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  1. Michael

    February 15, 2013 at 7:36 am

    I personally believe contestants on reality shows like The Bachelor should be liable for legal action when they misrepresent their motives and intentions for being on the program. Such individuals spoil the program.

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