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Bernie, Adrienne Maloof Chef: What did Guzman Say about Brandy?

Bernie, Adrienne Maloof Chef: What did Guzman Say about Brandy

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – What did Bernie Guzman, Adrienne Maloof’s chef, say about Brandi Glanville and her family? Bernie said horrific remarks about Brandi Glanville last year on Facebook. Brandi responded to those allegations on Twitter at the time. Tonight, Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reveals the shocking details between the Bernie and the Brandi feud.

For months, fans have wondered while Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville hate each other so much. Moreover, left unanswered was why Brandi brought up Adrienne’s surrogate past. Tonight, Bravo presents arguable a prelude to the entire season, explaining that Brandi-Adrienne dispute currently started far before when Bernie made accusations about Brandi. Adrienne defended Bernie. Now Adrienne is divorced, and her ex-husband is even suing Bernie for his comments.

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But what did Bernie say about Brandi? Many of Bernie’s remarks are unsuitable for public print. Of the printable remarks, Bernie says “All Brandi does is lie about everyone and everything. She never has anything intelligent to say.” He adds “Brandi has admitted to making up stories, because she needed a story line for “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”” He then jabs “She doesn’t live in Beverly Hills, work in Beverly Hills or is even welcomed in Beverly Hills”.

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He takes false aims, over and over again. First on Brandi’s book deal he says “So, you got a book deal? What publisher would be so ignorant to take a chance on someone as irresponsible and poisonous as you…what’s it going to be; a coloring book?” He then claims that Bravo (before this season) wasn’t bringing Brandi back. “You have been replaced amongst the likes of Yolanda & David Foster.”

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Tonight, Adrienne and Brandi meet at Lisa’s. First on the table is Bernie’s remarks. Maloof says to Brandi “you were on Twitter, accusing someone in my camp of things that were allegations that were absolutely false.” Brandi replies “No I haven’t. They were 100% true. I approve of them.” Adrienne says “that is not nice”.

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Adrienne quickly defends Bernie. “Bernie. You should not accuse Bernie. That is absolutely wrong. shame on you. How dare you do that.”

While Adrienne is defending Bernie, Bernie has not been liked by other cast members. Kyle Richards says of Bernie “The guy who posted them is not a very nice person”. Lisa doesn’t like Bernie. Bernie has said of Lisa “I believe my remarks have send the Wicked Witch of the West into a complete frenzy!… I dislike ‘the Brit’ because she’s rude and treats people, like me, as if we are all HER servants!” And Bravo has severely cut his on-air time this season. But Bernie told the National Enquirer once “Obviously, they [producers] didn’t listen [to Lisa]…because I am on the air more than ever!”

Brandi tell news tonight “Adrienne and Paul’s Chef Bernie called several media outlets and said that I am a bad mother, I drink in front of my children. I told her about this on the phone and I said ‘Bernie is doing f-ed up things’ and she is like, ‘well if that is true I will fire him’ . They never fired him.”

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  1. l. mendoza

    March 22, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    So both sides have said things they shouldn’t have at all since it would affect the family ( well mainly the kids on each side). Adrienne purportedly said that Brandi was out til all hours of the night and that she slept til 3 in afternoon and didnt take care of her kids. That comment could have resulted in Brandi losing custody of her kids. All Brandi said (though she shouldnt have) was that Adrienne had used a surrogate. Big deal!! Why the secrecy? Own up and grow up! Didnt Camille usse a surrogate? Dont care at all for adrienne and was wondering when Paul was going to grow a pair and not let her treat him so poorly.

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