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Catherine Giudici: The Bachelor Winner 2013 Finds Love on Ice

who wins the bachelor 2013 winner wins Catherine Giudici

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who wins The Bachelor 2013 becomes clearer tonight as Catherine Giudici heads to the ice. Giudici tonight unveils to viewers why she deserves to be The Bachelor 2013 winner and why she wins the competition. In her first major outing with Sean Lowe, Catherine Giudici dishes that you have to find love on the ice, literally.

Why is the Bachelor 2013 airing on a Tuesday night February 5? For days, fans have been left guessing why episodes five and six will air on back to back nights this week.’s Bachelor spoilers have no answer. But Steve tells news that he can’t remember ever seeing this. The Bachelor 2013 spoilers claim that tonight’s episode starts with nine contestants and ends with six. The show purportedly heads to Lake Louise, Canada for February 5.

Catherine Giudici is first up in the telecast, spoilers reveal to news. RealitySteve indicates that Catherine gets the first one-on-one date during the telecast. Sean Lowe takes Catherine on a glacier, in a snow truck, to an ice castle. It’s on that date that Sean reportedly clicks instantly with Catherine. Moreover, fans will finally see hints of who wins The Bachelor 2013.

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Later, Sean decides on a group date. That involves a canoe ride with several women including Tierra. What happens to Tierra and is she okay?

Steve tells new “Emergency medical teams are called into this date … with Tierra getting medical for what looks like hypothermia.” But Sarah ultimately tells Sean on the date that she wants off the show, Steve indicates to news.

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Further in the episode, Desiree Hartsock, like Catherine Giudici, gets a one-one-date tonight. And like Catherine, Desiree gets a rose. The Bachelor 2013 spoilers tonight from RealitySteve claim that the episode features Sarah leaving. Thereafter, Selma Alameri and Daniella McBride are eliminated. In the end, the cast shrinks by three members tonight.

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It remains unclear why The Bachelor 2013 airs on a Tuesday this week. But Steve tell news that it’s the first “time they’ve ever done a Mon-Tues back-to-back thing”. It has no impact on who wins the Bachelor this season. “It’s not a big deal to me. At some point this season, one of these episodes was getting pushed to another day because they had 11 episodes for the season, but only 10 Mondays”. But Steve reminds news “after next week, looks to me like the schedule is back on track” with the show remaining on Monday evenings.

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Steve tells news that next Monday the show drops from six to four cast members with Lesley Murphy being eliminated. Then Desiree Hartsock is cut, and then AshLee Frazier. Lindsay and Catherine head to the finals with Catherine winning and Lindsay reportedly becoming the next Bachelorette 2013.

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