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Bravo: Who Owns Sur, Lisa Vanderpump?

Bravo: Who Owns Sur, Lisa Vanderpump

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Who owns Sur? Does Lisa Vanderpump own Sur, Camille Grammer questions the housewife tonight. At the tension grow this evening on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Bravo ponders who owns Sur bar and restaurant in West Hollywood.

Bravo doesn’t initially reveal to news why the Sur bickering was aired tonight. But later, after the feud is concluded, Camille explains her rationale for the remarks. She tells news that allegedly the conversation at dinner “was completely one-sided. It was fine for Brandi [Glanville] to bring up the Maloofs’ financial situation out of the blue. But it wasn’t okay for me to question Lisa about Sur? ‘Oh, poo poo Camille how dare you say that.'”

Camille Grammer’s distain for Lisa Vanderpump dates back to the first season. Grammer’s initial connection to the cast in season one was her friendship to Kyle through Mauricio. But in season one, Camille would often call Lisa Vanderpump “Lisa Vander fabulous”.

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Tonight, however, Camille’s comes out of the gate swinging. Camille takes issue with Brandi remarks that Adrienne Maloof allegedly owns 2% of the Palms, a misleading statement as detailed previously on LALATE. Camille claims that, while it’s fine to discuss equity stakes of the Maloof family, it allegedly isn’t okay to discuss Vanderpump’s stake in Sur.

Camille remarks “Do you talk about who owns your restaurants?” Lisa replies “I own Sur.” With that Camille fumes “You don’t own Sur.” Lisa is not going to have any of that from Camille. Vandepump jumps back and fumes “I own 51% of it.” Camille passes that off by replying “No, you are the personality of it. You are the front man.”

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Lisa confronts Camille with her false accusation. “I invested in that restaurant.” Camille adds “I understand. But you don’t own the whole thing.” Lisa replies “I never said that I did. I own 51% of it. Come on, is that the best [insult] you got [Camille]?”

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Camille replies “But the point is, you brought up that Adrienne only owns a percentage.” Grammer’s remarks seem peculiar considering that Lisa’s partners on Sur have been featured across multiple seasons of RHOBH. Unconfirmed news reports claim, that at the time of RHOBH filming this season, other cast members were jealous that Vanderpump might be getting a spinoff show. The Bravo show at the time was not called “Vanderpump Rules” but simply “Sur”.

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