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Psy Gangnam Style Pistachios Get Crackin in Commercial

Psy Gangnam Style Pistachios Get Crackin in Commercial

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The PSY Gangnam Style pistachios Super Bowl ad commercial dubbed “Crackin Gangnam Style” delivered a big hit for Wonderful Pistachios tonight. PSY dancing Gangnam Style delivered a pistachios advertisement late in CBS’ Super Bowl 2013 telecast tonight.

As reported earlier on LALATE, PSY Crackin Gangnam Style was the singer’s first commercial, not just for the Super Bowl, but also for U.S. viewers. But many of PSY’s fans were left surprised that his and other highly anticipated Super Bowl ad spots were left late in the second half.

Moreover, a power outage delayed the running of many of the commercials by nearly thirty-four minutes Sunday. But as news analysts noted before tonight’s game, a close Super Bowl score would keep more viewers glued to their sets for second half commercials.

Wonderful Pistachios, additionally, approached their Super Bowl ad marketing far differently than other commercials this year. They offered no online preview of the ad spot before the telecast. Moreover, unlike companies such as Budweiser and Hyundai, Wonderful Pistachios only secured one ad spot for the telecast.

Meantime, Psy is encouraging fans to vote their reaction for his new spot. He tells fans late tonight “Go nuts for my new #sb47 ad. Watch it now & show your love with a 10 at USA Today’s Ad Meter.” For Psy’s video, click HERE. For videos of the other top Super Bowl ads of 2013, click HERE.

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