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Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl Ad 2013 Seeks Baby Name for Foal

 Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl Ad 2013 Seeks Baby Name for Foal commercial video

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl ad 2013 commercial called “Brotherhood” is asking viewers to submit baby horse names for the Clydesdale foal during the game. The company tell news that, using the hashtag #Clydesdales and tweets to its Twitter account of @Budweiser, Budweiser will allow Super Bowl viewers to name the horse. The baby name will be announced to news following the conclusion of the Super Bowl 2013 game.

The name will be revealed on Budweiser’s Twitter account @Budweiser after the game, officials tell news Sunday. They also add that the “official reveal [is] after the #SuperBowl… this year’s #SuperBowl star? Our new #Clydesdales foal — and we need help to name it. Tweet us ideas via #Clydesdales.”

Budweiser says that foal’s naming has landed the ad spot on ABC News and CNBC News this week. In fact, many are calling this Clydesdale commercial possibly the best Super Bowl ad of 2013.

Created by Anomaly, the Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl ad 2013 follows a company tradition to dispatch at least one Super Bowl commercial per year about the famed Clydesdales. This spot called “Brotherhood” depicts the progression from baby horse, to watching him age, heading off to work for Budweiser, and then reuniting with his trainer when back in town.

The company tell news “Still so many great names coming in for the #Clydesdales foal. How do you all feel about Brew, Comet, Skywalker, Hawkeye, Cheers or Suds?” It also adds “An early look at our #Clydesdales commercial has inspired some new foal names” and “Some of you are getting really creative with ideas…. Some of the more unique #Clydesdales foal names we’ve received [included]: Inferno, Augie, Malt, Conan & Frodo.” To see the ad spot, click HERE. For videos of the other top Super Bowl ads of 2013, click HERE.


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