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Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2013 Battle in Copa Del Rey Semifinals

 en vivo live score results Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2013 Battle in Copa Del Rey Semifinals

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2013 (en vivo, live score below) battle in futbol’s Copa Del Rey semifinals today. Both teams kick off the first of four semifinals soccer matches over the next two months. Today’s teams will return to the field on February 27 for their second match, officials tell news. And soccer fans will see Atlético Madrid vs Sevilla en vivo tomorrow and then again next month as well.

Today’s Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2013 soccer game (start time 12 noon PST / 3 PM EST) features a very unpredictable Barcelona. Barcelona surprised news earlier this month from delivering a draw against Malaga to then producing a 2-4 victory in their rematch.

The semifinals like the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey features two rounds of matches. Barcelona was careful against Málaga in the quarterfinals to not produce a loss and hence deficit. That was not the case for other teams in this Copa. A deficit for some teams has been fatal coming into their second round of games.

Barcelona has impressed news with more goals during the quarterfinals than any other team in the Copa del Rey. Real Madrid, in contrast, advanced after defeating Valencia first round and then picked up a draw in the second leg of the quarterfinals. Real Madrid previously in the round of 16 shocked news with a loss to Celta Vigo only to come back and deliver a 4-0 victory in the second leg. For live score result today click HERE.

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