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Dallas Who Killed JR Ewing, Shooting Death Erupts on TNT

Dallas Who Killed JR Ewing, Shooting Death Erupts on TNT

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who killed JR Ewing on Dallas TNT? JR Ewing is killed on Dallas TNT season two this season during a business deal gone bad. But who murdered JR will erupt in the storyline at roughly episode five, insiders tell news. JR Ewing’s funeral will thereafter air on Dallas TNT as well.

When filming began for Dallas TNT season two, producers knew that Larry Hagman was in deteriorating health. Producers tell news this week, as a result, they didn’t put Hagman in demanding scenes. Confronted with Hagman’s poor health, producers also decided not to devise what they called a “Plan B”. They tell news this week that they intentionally chose not to make script preparations ahead of time in the case that Hagman died midseason. The put faith in their writers, that in the event of Hagman’s passing, changes could be made to the storyline.

As the season begins, Larry Hagman appears in episode to episode, reps tell news. He reportedly was in the middle of what was originally envisioned as episode five. Patrick Duffy was bedside along Hagman before his passing. Duffy tells news that called producers to warn them that Hagman may pass. And with that news, shortly before his death on November 23, Larry Hagman’s legacy on Dallas was artfully crafted to take another turn.

Producers tell news that they took existing footage of Hagman from season two and then wove in new footage of a business deal gone sour. JR Ewing gets shot. But this time, the mystery is not “who shot JR” but “who killed JR”.

Reps indicate that the murder won’t be a “whodunit” but rather focus more on a web of business deals laid by JR. As a result, they report that, while the shooting, death, and funeral may erupt midseason, the repercussions from the failed business deal and the murderer could span at least the entire season.

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