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Africa Cup of Nations 2013 Results Prompt Qualifications Today

live score Africa Cup of Nations 2013 Results Prompt Qualifications Today

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Africa Cup of Nations 2013 results prompted quarterfinals qualifications last weekend. Several teams celebrated their performances overnight. But on this Wednesday, the Africa Cup of Nations 2013 results for the Group round will be finalized.

First, Group A results were determined over the weekend, officials tell news. The Group saw Morocco and Angola eliminated, news analysts note. South Africa and Cape Verde advanced to the semifinals after their draw and win, respectively. South Africa advanced with one win, two draws, and only four goals in three games. Cape Verde advanced with the same record and three goals, only.

Second, Group D results were partially finalized over the weekend. Ivory Coast is advancing while Algeria is eliminated in the group. But as news analysts note, fans won’t know the fate for Togo and Tunisia until Wednesday’s games. Ivory Coast advances with an impressed two wins, no losses and no draws, delivering five goals in only two games.

Today, the final results for Group B will be decided. With two games remaining, Ghana is ranked first with four points, Mali with three and Congo with two. Niger appears on the brink of elimination with one draw and one loss.

Meantime, the finals for Group C – Burkina Faso, Zambia, Nigeria and Ethiopia – will be decided tomorrow. Burkina is in first place with four points. Zambia and Nigeria are tied with two, while Ethiopia is facing elimination with one point.

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