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Sarah Jones, Ex Bengals Cheerleader Gets No Verdict and Mistrial

Sarah Jones, Ex Bengals Cheerleader Gets No Verdict and Mistrial

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Sarah Jones verdict could be reached. A mistrial was announced in the Sarah Jones lawsuit today. Sarah Jones, the ex Bengals cheerleader who reportedly is working on a reality show (photos below) could not get a unanimous verdict. The judge Friday ruled a mistrial. The court also revealed that the jurors were deadlocked 9-1 in favor of Jones.

The Sarah Jones ex Bengals cheerleaders case had dominated national news for nearly five years. But then last year, Jones was back making headlines after she was charged with criminal conduct.

In the criminal case, police had claimed that Jones solicited relations from a student and sent him inappropriate text messages. She had already been teaching English at the school for five years at the time of her arrest.

Jones could have spent up to ten years in state prison for her two charges. But Jones and her mother, Cheryl Jones, both accepted plea deals that kept them out of prison.

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Meantime, Jones’ civil case continued through the appeals court. Jones’ counsel argued that his client was not a public figure. He wrote in one appellate brief “How many Bengal fans could name a single cheerleader by name or recognize them in public in their street clothes? Few to none.” He added “They are not public figures. They are private women who cheerlead. Bengal football players, in contrast, are public figures.”

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Ultimately the appeals court agreed with Jones. “Although the defendants have invoked their alleged right not to stand trial under the CDA, they have failed to demonstrate how a substantial public interest will be imperiled by delaying their appeal until after the district court enters a final order.”

The appeals court added that “We are not persuaded that the purpose of function of the CDA will be imperiled by delaying an appeal in this particular case. [Plaintiff’s …] motion to dismiss is granted.”

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Jones has yet to indicate if she will retry the civil case. She is reportedly still dating the male at issue in the criminal case. She previously told news “I began a romantic relationship while he was a student and I was in a position of authority”.

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  1. Jon Weilan

    January 25, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    Shocking to think that only 1 of 10 people actually took her side. She lied the entire time in her pe e case about sleeping with a student minor. Why on Earth would anyone take her side this time around? Nik Richie didn’t ruin her reputation

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