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Honduras vs. Costa Rica 2013 Heads to Copa Centroamericana Finals

en vivo live score results start time Honduras vs. Costa Rica 2013 Heads to Copa Centroamericana Finals

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Honduras vs. Costa Rica 2013 (en vivo live score below) is heading to the Copa Centroamericana finals. Honduras vs. Costa Rica 2013 will be the futbol lineup for the Copa Centroamericana, officials tell news. The lineup was determined late today after Honduras and Costa Rica won their futbol semifinals matches separately on Friday. Moments ago, final score was announced as 1-0 in tonight’s Costa Rica vs El Salvador match after a late, game winning goal by Rodney Wallace.

Honduras vs. Costa Rica 2013 will get a start time of 3 pm PST, 6 pm EST and will kick off on January 27, 2013, officials tells news tonight. Earlier that same day at 12:30 PM PST, the third place soccer game of Belize vs. El Salvador will take to the field. Today was a packed schedule of three Copa Centroamericana 2013 games, covered here on LALATE. And there were several surprises which shocked news analysts. Throughout this Copa Centroamericana 2013, teams have not been scoring. But that changed Friday.

First, Guatemala vs. Panama delivered a final score of 1-3 earlier today. Panama won the early Friday match after it kept on scoring goals in the first sixty minutes. Blas Perez surprised news with a goal at twenty-eight minutes Friday. Then Panama came back with two goals, first from Rojas at fifty-five minutes and then by Alberto Quintero at fifty-eight minutes. Guatemala tried to tie up the match, but it was too late. Guatemala could only deliver a goal at the seventy-five minute mark from Minor Lopez.

After Panama defeated Guatemala for fifth place today, then Honduras vs. Belize took the field in the first of two semifinals matches. Belize, however, couldn’t land a goal. Final score in that match was 1-0. Honduras’ game winning goal came from Brayan Beckeles at the sixty-seven minute mark today. Honduras advanced to the finals while Belize headed to the third place match.

Finally, Costa vs. El Salvador 2013 kicked off late today from Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica for the second semifinals match. But at forty-five minutes, the game still was scoreless. Then, at seventy-two minutes tonight, Rodney Wallace delivered the game winning goal for Costa Rica. For live score updates during the Honduras vs Costa Rica finals, click HERE.

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