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Costa Rica vs. El Salvador 2013: Arrieta Seeks Copa Centroamericana Win

en vivo live score results start time Costa Rica vs. El Salvador 2013: Arrieta Seeks Copa Centroamericana Win

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Costa Rica vs. El Salvador 2013 (en vivo live score below) faces off in the Copa Centroamericana futbol semifinals game later today. Fans of the Copa Centroamericana soccer tournament will have three games today, with one currently underway, and two semifinals matches kicking off later.

But with Costa Rica vs. El Salvador 2013 (start time 6 pm PST / 9 pm EST), fans today January 25 will get one of the most anticipated matches of this tournament. If news analysts were to pick a favorite for this Copa based upon the group stage, it would Costa Rica. Of the seven teams in this Copa, Costa Rica had the highest overall score of any competing nation during the group stage. Costa Rica finished its Group round with seven points, officials tell news. In comparison, El Salvador finished with only two points.

But how strong has Costa Rica been this tournament? The team has been the only nation to score in three matches during this 2013 Copa. Costa Rica scored against Belize with Jairo Arrieta. It delivered two goals against Nicaragua from Christian Lagos and Celso Borges. And it Arrieta scored again when facing Guatemala. Arrieta is the key, not just for a possible win tonight by Costa Rica, but for a Copa title.

Yet Costa Rica has been impressive on defense as well. The team in three games has only given up one goal. It gave up a goal from Guatemala in the final minute of play, of the final game, in the group division, news analysts note.

El Salvador comes into today’s match as the unpredictable variable. It hasn’t won a match yet. It has two draws in two games. One game was a 1-1 draw, the other was scoreless. It’s only goal has been by Rafael Burgos in the Honduras game.

But for El Salvador, the key is to permeate Costa Rica’s impressive defense. For live score updates today click HERE. For updates on other Copa results today, click HERE.

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