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Real Madrid vs. Barcelona 2013 Qualifies for Copa Del Rey Semifinals

en vivo live score results Real Madrid vs. Barcelona 2013 Qualifies for Copa Del Rey Semifinals

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Real Madrid vs. Barcelona 2013 (en vivo live score below) has qualified to the Copa Del Rey semifinals, reps tell news. Real Madrid vs. Barcelona 2013 today became the second lineup for the semifinals of the Copa Del Rey after Thursday results in the Malaga vs. Barcelona match.

Previously, Real Madrid surprised news with a 2-0 final score against Valencia in the first leg of the quarterfinals. Valencia yesterday came into the second leg of the Copa del Rey with a two goal deficit. But Valencia was only able to come up with a single goal, while giving up yet another goal to Real Madrid.

Earlier in this Copa Del Rey, Real Madrid shocked news with 1-4 defeat of Alcoyano. In October, Madrid delivered a four goal win over Alcoyano in its first Round of Thirty-Two matches. Then, Alcoyano with a three goal deficit, returned for their second match against Madrid in November. But that game went even worse for Alcoyano. Alcoyano gave up three goals to Real Madrid, delivering a final 3-0 score.

The situation was more difficult for Real Madrid by December, news analysts note. In Madrid’s first Round of Sixteen matches, the team was defeated by Celta Vigo. But with a one goal deficit, Madrid came back strong this month, delivering a four goal victory against Celta Vigo, qualifying it for the quarterfinals.

Barcelona, in contrast, didn’t advance to the semifinals that easily. In its first leg of the quarterfinals, Barcelona picked up a 2-2 draw against Malaga. Today, a win against Malaga in the second leg was needed to advance to the semifinals.

First, Barcelona scored today at the eight minute mark against Malaga. An assist by Dani Alves gave Pedro an early goal for Barcelona. But an assist by Duda four minutes later to Joaquin tied up the game for Malaga. No goals were scored for the next thirty minutes at Estadio La Rosaleda today. Pique gave Barcelona another goal at the forty-nine minute mark after an assist by Iniesta.Final score today was 2-4.

But the game wasn’t over then. R. Santa Cruz came back to tie up the match at the sixty-eight minute mark. Finally, Barcelona locked up the match with late goals by Iniesta at seventy-six minutes and Messi at eighty minutes.

The two semifinals games are expected to be played around January 30. For live score updates during the semifinals, click HERE.

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