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Swansea City vs. Chelsea 2013 Return to Capital One Cup Semifinals

score live results Swansea City vs. Chelsea 2013 Head to Capital One Cup Semifinals

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Swansea City vs. Chelsea 2013 (live score below) kick off the final of four semifinals games in the Capital One Cup 2013 today. Bradford City is already heading to the Capital One Cup finals next month as a result of the outcome of yesterday’s game. If Chelsea loses again today, however, they will be eliminated.

The semifinals is compromised of a first and second leg, officials tell news. Each pair plays two games. The leader after those two matches heads to the finals. Swansea City vs. Chelsea 2013 (start time 11:45 am PST) is the second time the two teams have faced this month. Earlier this month, Chelsea went scoreless with a 0-2 loss. Chelsea, hence, cant just win today. They have to overcome their 0-2 deficit to Swansea City.

Swansea City manager Michael Laudrup tells his team today to be strong on offense. He indicates to his team’s news site that the 2-0 lead is reassuring. “It is different to start a game from 0-0 rather than 2-0, but the only danger is if we think can go out and just defend, 90 minutes is a very long time to do that.”

Laudrup says his team understands the likelihood of a finals match. They understand that the finals’ slot is within reach currently. “We’re not a club can pretend we go into these games very often, so now we have a possibility, a fantastic chance and we will do our best, and more than that if we can.” He adds “For me and the players this is fantastic, and I would imagine it is for fans as well.”

While his team will be strong on offense, the real key could be defense. If Laudrup’s players don’t give up more than a single goal, the could be heading to the finals. “We have to be prepared to do a little of both. We have to try and get on the ball and look to attack, although we know there will be moments when we have to accept we will have to defend.” For live score updates today, click HERE.

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