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Vanderpump: What Brandy Said about Adrienne Maloof Was “Truthful”

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BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Lisa Vanderpump claims what Brandi said about Adrienne Maloof on RHOBH was a “truthful statement”. In recent week, fans have been left to guess what did Brandi say about Adrienne Maloof on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But Lisa Vanderpump today tells news more details about the remarks than previously indicated.

First, Lisa says the entire disagreement between Brandi and Adrienne is not purportedly simply. She tells that it allegedly derives from a “complicated and convoluted situation.”

Second, Lisa claims that Brandi’s remarks in her opinion allegedly were not “character assassination” as Adrienne called them. Lisa tells news “We have all, including Brandi, acknowledged the fact that this issue should never have been aired, but let us not forget, it was out of frustration. It was never ‘character assassination’ as Adrienne said. That term is used far too freely.”

Finally, Lisa adds one far more shocking assertion today. Lisa says “It was a truthful statement that should not have been exposed, but it was a result of some deep and unresolved issues between them.”

This is not the first time that viewers have heard questions about the statements’ accuracy. During last week’s episode, Lisa’s husband Ken Todd tells Kyle Richards’ husband Mauricio his opinion that the remarks were “true”. Lisa is then heard turning to Ken and telling him that he shouldn’t say they are “true”. Also, when Brandi originally made the remarks at Sur, she said to the table “We all know this one major lie to be true.”

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Viewers have been left in a guessing game why Adrienne Maloof has appeared so little on RHOBH and on since the controversy erupted. Last night, Andy Cohen introduced Brandi as “Beverly Hills’ most popular housewife.” Maloof’s two scenes in two episodes have been a short segment about her skincare line and last night’s even shorter segment, a dinner with Kyle and Mauricio.

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On Monday, Adrienne said “Paul and I needed a break from Brandi’s negativity. We took a break from the toxicity … we been a little M.I.A.”. Adrienne tells Kyle “it had noting to do with you, it had to do with the circumstances. And with Brandi it went too far. Whatever personal issues she has with me and Paul she … it was out of line” Paul and Adrienne then simply say “we need to move on.” She adds “this is a lot of time that is not necessary . I rather move on. If she has an issue with me, then confront me face to face.”

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