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Panama vs. Honduras 2013 Struggle in Copa Centroamericana Group B

en vivo live score results Panama vs. Honduras 2013 Struggle in Copa Centroamericana Group B

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – If today’s Panama vs. Honduras 2013 soccer game (en vivo live score below) ends with a draw, a lot of fans will be left confused. The two nations battle in today’s only Group B game for the Copa Centroamericana. A win by either team will send them to the quarterfinals. But a draw could leave a lot of uncertainty and a possible extra match.

Tuesday’s Panama vs. Honduras 2013 match (start time 4 pm PST) is the final Group B division game. Only three countries are in the Group – El Salvador, Honduras and Panama – and a loss could eliminate any B country from the Copa at this point.

Previously, Honduras vs. El Salvador ended in a 1-1 draw, officials remind news. Then El Salvador vs. Panama ended in a 0-0 draw. Since rankings are based upon wins, draws, loss, and goals, El Salvador is currently sitting ranked first in the Group with two points, reps indicate to news. But Honduras and Panama are tied with one point each.

Hence, a big win by either team today, with several goals, could dramatically change the outcome of this Group B. Panama has yet to score a goal in this Copa, news analysts note, while Honduras’ single goal has come from Jerry Benston in their opener against El Salvador.

Prior to today’s game, Honduras impressed news with a stellar showing during their CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers in fall 2012. They defeated Cuba twice and then delivered that memorable 8-1 win against Canada.

Today’s game marks a rematch of Honduras’ only draw in qualifiers last year, against Panama. In fact, the two teams battled in not one but two qualifiers last year. First in June, Panama defeated Honduras in a 0-2 final score. But in the fall, the two ended with a draw. For live results today, click HERE.

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