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Diamond Water Launches from Asa Soltan on Shahs of Sunset

Diamond Water Launches from Asa Soltan on Shahs of Sunset

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Diamond Water launched from Asa Soltan Rahmati on Shahs of Sunset today. Asa tell news that she is proud that Diamond Water, featured since the first season of Shahs, is heading to the retail consumer this spring.

Asa explains to news what exactly is diamond water. She says it is “the most precious water that has ever been bottled.” She further tells news that during the creation “diamonds [are] flowing through a 9.5 pH alkaline water.” Launched at Monday, Diamond Water promises that “drinking alkaline water helps the body maintain a healthy pH level… Alkaline water is designed to prevent the accumulation of toxins and chemicals in the body.”

Since Shahs’ season one on Bravo, Asa had been envisioning a way to bring her unique water to retail stores. But in a news statement Monday, she thanked fans, adding “I’ve been really focused and working diligently to bring my Diamond Water to the world”.

The company further details to news that some “studies have proven that when the body is too acidic, alkaline water can correct the imbalance…. To function well, the human body can be neither too acidic nor too basic.” Asa’s company indicates to news that alkaline water “removes cell-damaging substances from the body and promotes cell metabolism by transporting nutrients and minerals.” For more click HERE.


  1. Nina

    December 2, 2013 at 6:59 pm

    If you google the words diamond water it has already been done.Diamond Water is the Patented Invention of John Charter IV, third generation jeweler, Graduate Gemologist and hopeful philanthropist.
    A trip to Sierra Leone in 2002 to investigate the rough diamond business resulted in the inspiration for Diamond Water and the associated Literacy Project – Rice for Literacy.
    Mr. Charter has been engaged in the Jewelry and Gem Trade since the 1950’s in the back room of his father’s Jewelry store in Lincoln, Illinois. After attending Pine Crest School, Gem City College, Tulane University, Santa Monica College and the Gemological Institure of America, he became the Diamond Course Instructor at the GIA until striking out on his own adventures. Travel related to the gem and diamond business led to South America, Asia, Israel, Thailand, Japan, India, Italy, the Phillipines, Germany, Switzerland, England and eventually Africa.
    Seeing the conditions in Africa and the strong historical connections of Africa to the gem trade via diamonds, gems, and precious metals led to a desire to give something back in the hope of contributing to the education of the children.
    John Charter IV is the great grandson of John Charter of Sterling Illinois, inventor of the Sterling Gas Engine, the first internal combustion engine to use liquid gasoline which was used on the first gasoline powered tractor in the world in 1887. So she has not produced an original product. Why is she not being sued for brand name infringement?

  2. Cathy

    January 7, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    Congrats to Asa but this water is no different than any other bottled water. It’s too expensive!!

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