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Phaedra Parks Workout Video with Apollo Gets Billy Banks Producer: EXCLUSIVE

Phaedra Parks, Apollo Nida Workout Video Gets Billy Banks Producer: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida’s workout video got a major fitness company, not at twirling Atlantic housewife, as its producer, LALATE can exclusively report. Phaedra Parks’ workout video hits center stage in the new RHOA episode tonight. Phaedra Parks and husband Apollo Nida don’t hire Kenya Moore. But LALATE can report they hired someone with just a bit more experience in fitness videos, the producers behind Billy Blanks workout tapes.

Last week, fans asked if Kenya Moore has a production company, if Phaedra Parks hires Kenya for her tape, and who does Phaedra eventually use to produce the tape. First, Bravo will reveal tonight that Parks does not hire Kenya’s company, Moore Vision Media. Last week, Parks accused of Kenya of allegedly having no experience in workout videos. But Moore said that she had extensive experience in film work, just not fitness tapes.

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But who does Phaedra hire? Phaedra Parks and Apollo eventually went to Watch It Now Entertainment. The same year that the company was doing Phaedra’s tape, they were also doing six DVDs for Billy Blanks. Entitled “Billy Blanks Tae Bo Dojo Series”, the DVDs hit distribution just before Parks’ fall launch. Later that year, they also did a Yoga tape for Tara Stiles.

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Tonight, Bravo is suggesting that Kenya may have had shocked Parks during taping about the DVD dispute. But LALATE has also exclusively reported that Parks had all her angles covered legally. Parks, not Moore, had procured multiple trademarks for her DVD project. Moreover, Parks’ business goals were not limited to DVDs only. Parks is also set to launch “Phine by Phaedra”, a new clothing line for women, LALATE has reported. The line will supplement her DVD workout Phine Body already in distribution on

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Parks last week accused Moore of limited understanding of fitness videos. But the company she went with has a long history in the industry, calming to be “a leader in the $30 billion a year fitness industry. Since 2006, WIN has been implementing a strategic goal of creating and leveraging branded celebrity fitness properties along a platform that draws traffic to multiple points of sale, subscription services and digital outlets.”

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