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West Brom Albion vs. Aston Villa 2013 Struggle for Improved Rankings

score live lineup West Brom Albion vs. Aston Villa 2013 Struggle for Improved Rankings

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – West Brom Albion vs. Aston Villa 2013 (live score below) will be the last Premier League match for Saturday. West Brom takes to the field today just four points back from fifth place Everton. With thirty-three points this season, West Brom is sporting ten wins, three draws and nine losses. Aston Villa, however, has fallen to eighteenth place in the league.

West Brom Albion vs. Aston Villa 2013 (start time 9:30 am PST) will feature Aston Villa trying to improve on its mere nineteen points. The team has only picked up four wins this season. But they have been defeated eleven times and picked up four draws.

Prior to Saturday’s match, West Brom tells news that they are hoping to pick up another major win. In an interview with the team’s news site, Mark Miles, Albion’s head of facility operations & development, says that the field will be ready barring any dramatic worsening of the weather, however.  “The ground staff and extra help we’ve hired in have done a terrific job in clearing the snow and we’re now making all of our usual pre-match preparations.” He added “Unless there is a sudden deterioration in the weather, which is not forecast, the game will go ahead as planned.”

Meantime, Steve Clarke says that Steven Reid will not take the field for West Brom this weekend. “It was a fractured fibula against Arsenal and he effectively played 45 minutes with a broken leg.”  For live score updates today, click HERE.

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