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T-Boz Debuts “Unpretty” Acoustic Version 2013 for TLC

T-Boz Debuts Unpretty Acoustic Version 2013 for TLC

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – T-Boz debuts an “Unpretty” acoustic version for a possible 2013 release tonight. T-Boz wrote “Unpretty” as TLC’s first hit song. But tonight, T-Boz tells news on Totally T-Boz (TLC) that an acoustic aka unplugged version or the song would be perfect for TLC fans this 2013. In a news statement to LALATE, the TLC network says T-Boz “heads to the studio with an old TLC band member to work on a never before heard acoustic version of TLC’s number one hit, “Unpretty.””

So is T-Boz releasing the new track? T-Boz tells news tonight that “Unpretty was the first song I wrote for TLC. Went number one. Started as a poem that speaks for everybody that doesn’t feel attractive. Because society has a way to make us all feel at one point we don’t fit in.”

T-Boz says that, while she created the song, Dallas Austin should be thanked as well. “I showed it to Dallas Austin, TLC’s main producer. And he believed in it. And we made a song out of it.”

During a rehearsal session with her band tonight, the band asks T-Boz “You should make an unplugged version of it, an acoustic version of it.” T-Boz tells news “Every time we get together, old hits come up, we start singing, vibing. Reminiscing on old TLC music and this song comes up, that is how I feel now. Unpretty as well. I’m strong but you have your days. But that is said.”

TLC also tells LALATE that, on tonight’s episode, “Tionne finally goes through with her rescheduled MRI, hoping that this time, they get it right and it works. And everyone is excited when JET Magazine books T-Boz on her first professional shoot in years!” But trouble erupts. “At the shoot, Tae-Tae breaks down, as she’s worried what the outcome will be if none of this publicity works, and Tionne doesn’t have the support of TLC to fall back on. Since she’s going solo, the fall will be much harder.”

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