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The Bachelor 2013 Spoilers Reveal Catherine Giudici Engagement Win

The Bachelor 2013 Spoilers Reveal Catherine Giudici Engagement Win winner who wins

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Bachelor 2013 spoilers claim Catherine Giudici is this season’s winner. But Bachelor spoilers also claim that Catherine Giudici is currently engaged to Sean Lowe while Lindsay Yenter is slated to become the Bachelorette 2013. Tonight the Bachelor returns to TV with surprises as Katie Levans allegedly leaves the show. Yet fans are still questioning who wins the Bachelor 2013.

For weeks, Catherine Giudici has battle news reports that she is the winner this season. Last week, early Bachelor 2013 spoilers came true. Tonight, however, there are some twists as the cast heads to Los Angeles. The show purportedly starts with nineteen women but ends with sixteen, claims

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Steve tells news that that there are purportedly just two eliminations tonight, but yet the cast is still reduced by three women. The confusion surrounds Katie Levans. Steve tells news that “Katie Levans left [the show] during the group date cocktail party]” prior the rose ceremony.

The first one-one date is inked reportedly by Sarah Herron. Ironically, much of the date was captured by local news back in September and followed by Steve on Twitter. At the time, locals were tweeting images of filming in Los Angeles.

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Steve told news back in September 2012 “As for last night, thanks to the magic of Twitter, we were able to capture the basics of what Sean’s 1-on-1 date was.” He added “According to the Twitter account @Forkalicious, Sean’s date last night was a helicopter ride to the top of the Watermarke Tower in downtown LA, where he and his date repelled down the building, and then had dinner”.

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The second one-on-one date today is inked by Desiree Hartsock. Steve tells news that Sean purportedly plays a practical joke on Desiree. It allegedly involves as a piece of art breaks during the date. One cast member who doesn’t get a date tonight, Lindsay Yenter, is left disappointed. But Steve tell news that Yenter is purportedly already up for the role of the Bachelorette 2013.

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So who is sent home tonight? Steve says Sean Lowe surprises the cast with a double elimination. In the end, sent packing tonight are purportedly Diana Willardson and Brooke Burchette. The elimination purportedly doesn’t come as much of a surprise to the women.

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For now, all spoilers are pointing at Catherine as your 2012 winner. She works as a visual designer and as a vegan food blogger, reports news. The Roosevelt High School graduate of Seattle was born in Washington DC. She also puporteldy has a column in called Meatless Mondays.


  1. Sarah Park

    January 15, 2013 at 6:25 am

    She’s gorgeous. I am also putting my bet on her.

  2. Pete

    January 15, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    I hope it’s Catherine, thought something special first time I saw her. Hope they make it work, the show could use a real one two punch with Ashley & J.P. tying the knot recently. If they are engaged – the best of luck.

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