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Kenya Moore Workout Video Prompts Stallion DVD Battle

Kenya Moore Workout Video Prompts Stallion Booty RHOA Battle

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Kenya Moore’s workout video, Stallion B–ty, will battle Phaedra Parks’ workout video, Donkey B–ty, on Sunday’s RHOA, Bravo told news today. Kenya Moore has a workout video DVD routine and is calling it “stallion” not “donkey”. The revelation is made by hairdresser Derek J to Kandi Burruss during next Sunday’s telecast.

Last night, Kenya Moore’s workout video DVD routine delivered the biggest shocker of the RHOA season. For weeks, LALATE has been reporting news of tensions between Moore and Parks over their workout routines. Last month, LALATE reported that Kenya did not produce Parks’ video and pushing her own fitness routine on Twitter, instead.

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But on Sunday evening, Bravo dropped a bombshell. Kenya Moore has her own workout routine, it’s heading to DVD, and it is ready to battle Phaedra’s efforts with Apollo Nida. Now Bravo reveals to news that Kenya Moore’s video is called “Stallion B–ty” in contrast to Phaedra Parks’ “Donkey B–ty”. While the conflict sounds a bit too staged to be true, the reaction at least from Kandi is priceless.

Derek J tells Kandi that Kenya invited him to work on the video. “It was awkward. Because Kenya said ‘I want you to work with me’. Kenya is doing a stallion b–ty video.”

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Kandi thinks Derek is confused. “You mean the Donkey booty video.” Derek then spills the secret. “No, she is not working with Phaedra and her video. She is going to do her own called Stallion B–y”. Kandi thinks Derek is joking. “You d-m lying.” Derek laughs “Give me my d-m purse”.

Kandi is furious. “Come on. Like for real? You just take her idea. Phaedra is going to go hamburger on your a-“. Kandi quickly grabs her phone and calls Phaedra.

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Last night, Kenya revealed on RHOA that she had already secured a distribution deal for Parks’ video. But after Parks refused to pay her for that deal, a ten percent back end of the profits, Kenya walked. So is Kenya’s DVD getting that lucrative distribution deal? That remains to be seen. For now, Parks has yet to indicate to news any retail (Walmart, Target) distribution deal for her own DVD. Parks’ DVD has been available on Amazon, however. So far this season, Kenya has already launched a t-shirt line and a song on iTunes.


  1. lynn

    January 21, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    You not hsve the episode with Porsha that Kandi had who says she will have a pre-nup, and her experience with Kim taught her a very valuable lesson about dealing with friends in business. Bring back Marlo and kick fake kenya to the curb.

  2. Toni

    January 30, 2013 at 6:26 pm

    Whenever there is a scene with kenya i just feel like changing the channel, I hope she wont be on the show for the next season because she makes me not want to watch…. she disgusts me!!!!!

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