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Kim Zolciak Dream House Bought in Foreclosure Sale

Kim Zolciak Dream House Bought in Foreclosure Sale

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Kim Zolciak didn’t build her new dream house, but reportedly bought in a foreclosure sale, a news report reveals this week. Kim Zolciak moved out of her rental dream house in this season of RHOA. But after telling news that she was building her new dream house, news reports revealed that she had bought an existing home which she renovated.

Now a news report reveals that Kim Zolciak actually bought the house in a foreclosure sale. Ironically, Kim this season RHOA delivering insulting remarks about Kandi Burruss’ own home because it too was bought in foreclosure. Burruss told news that she bought her house during a foreclosure sale and admitted that she would not have been able to afford it at full price. News report this week reveal that Kim Zolciak bought her 1.78 foreclosure property allegedly on the Manor Golf and Country Club in Alpharetta for $880,000.

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Kandi told news this season “When Kim came by the house with Sweetie, I was offended by some of the things she and Sweetie said.” Kandi told news that was furious at the remarks. “Kim said Sweetie told her she needed to lock her doors when she got off of my exit, because I lived in the hood. I was very irritated by that, because I was thinking, “Where the f— do you live, Sweetie?” ” Kandi on air fired back at Kim saying “at least people in my neighborhood own their dream house.”

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Phaedra Parks was also insulted by Kim’s remarks about Kandi’s foreclosure bought home. “I was troubled by Kim’s criticism of Kandi’s prestigious neighborhood and gorgeous home and equally if not more disturbed by Kenya’s harsh comments to the young aspiring models. While I hope that none of the comments were meant to be as hurtful as they sounded, I found them highly offensive.”

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