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42 Alien Planets Found Along with Planet PH2 B

42 Alien Planets Found Along with Planet PH2 B

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – 42 alien planets have been found including a Jupiter sized planet named Planet PH2 B, officials tell news. The findings of the 42 alien planets was unveiled this week to news by Planet Hunters project.

The planets were discovered by researchers reexamining older candidates allegedly missed by professional astronomers over the years. University of Oxford’s Chris Lintott in a news statement this week explained how these alien planets were located. “These are planet candidates that slipped through the net, being missed by professional astronomers and rescued by volunteers in front of their web browsers.” He added “It’s remarkable to think that absolutely anyone can discover a planet.” The discovery was gleamed from existing NASA data provided by the Kepler Space Telescope.

But first at issue is planet PH2 b. Some contend that PH2 b, a giant planet the size of Jupiter, may or may not be habitable. But researchers contend that any moon around PH2 b would probably be habitable. In fact, reps tell news that the relationship between PH2 b and the possibly habitable moon would be comparable to what was shown in the movie Avatar, between the planet Polyphemus and the moon Pandora.

The findings are being published this month in the Astrophysical Journal, officials confirm to news. For more click HERE.

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