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Kenya Moore, Walter Jackson Fake Storyline Angers NeNe Leakes

Kenya Moore, Walter Jackson Fake Storyline Angers NeNe Leakesl

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Kenya Moore, Walter Jackson fake storyline angered NeNe Leakes and blindsided Bravo. Kenya Moore faked her Walter Jackson relationship for reality TV, claims Jackson. And this week, NeNe Leakes said the same. Moreover, Leakes admits she is upset about it and claims that Moore has hurt the reputation of the Real Housewives franchise.

For weeks, Walter Jackson has been telling news that Kenya Moore, in his opinion, was a film actress who brought acting to reality television and allegedly tried to trick U.S. viewers. He previously told news that Moore allegedly telephoned him, randomly, and asked if he would act as his boyfriend on RHOA, a new show that she had been cast to join. Jackson agreed. He claims that Moore allegedly told Jackson that the two would act as a couple and keep their relationship a secret from Bravo. In reality, Jackson was single and dating, younger, women at the time, and posting kissing pictures online.

Pictures of Walter Kissing Other Woman
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Jackson’s revelations are the most damaging to strike RHOA in recent memory, and certainly Bravo. NeNe Leakes for years, and Bravo ostensibly, have contended that the Atlanta Housewives show is the flagship of the Housewives’ franchise. It draws the biggest ratings. It has helped more other shows with ratings lead-ins, this season with Shahs of Sunset. It has made its cast members rich, very rich. And it has helped showcase what works and doesn’t work on Bravo.

Kenya Moore Pictures Set 1
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But this week, Leakes told Wendy Williams that, for years, she has championed to keep RHOA one hundred percent real. She claims that Kenya Moore has hurt that. “I’ve been a Housewife of Atlanta for five seasons — I’m going into my sixth season — and everything we do on the show is legit. We are not scripted, we are real. What you see happening is what really happens on the show.”

NeNe has been instrumental in insuring that other cast members, past and present, keep to a real telecast. So when Kenya Moore brought in Walter Jackson this season this season, what did NeNe think?

Leakes says that “To look at Kenya and Walter and to know they did something that was unethical to our franchise, I think is awful.”

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Bravo has yet to comment if they will invite Kenya Moore back. This week, fans will watch that Moore’s allies on the show dwindle. After angering Porsha, Kenya this week will isolate Phaedra Parks over a DVD contract. Earlier in the season, she isolated Cynthia Bailey over her “crack” comments. Since filming has ended, Moore has not posted words of support for Bailey or Parks.

Many wonder if the Moore – Leakes bond has deteriorated. In recent days, Moore has told news that she is the star of the show (not Leakes). Many content that Moore’s on-screen time this season would have been far less if she hadn’t delivered her alleged faked Jackson storyline.


  1. CDN

    January 26, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    Is it just me that longs for a better selection of shows on television other than these reality platforms? I realize it is a choice to watch or not to watch, but I would love for something exciting and new that isn’t a reality show. I guess the consensus is that people are really into them and will continue to dominant the television screen. But I remain hopeful for a change.

  2. Chelsia Renee Norton-Smith BSF

    March 10, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    I agree that ugly a** Kenya Moore is fake and a fraud and she needs to go and for her to think that she is the star of this show is ridiculous. The main star of the show is Mrs. Linnethia “NeNe’ Johnson-Leakes. NeNe has been on this show since day one and therefore has the most seniority on this show. She is the only original housewife on the show. Kenya needs to take her psychotic a** back to Detroit where she belongs and leave the sane and beautiful people of Atlanta alone. Hell, Phaedra Parks-Nida is more of a star on this show than Kenya is. And I am so glad that Mr. Walter Jackson outed this pathetic b****. Bravo please do us all a huge favor and not invite this phony back next season ok. Thank you.

  3. pam brat

    April 5, 2013 at 11:27 am

    Kenya is crazy and I don’t believe no body knew. It was very clear to me, what they didn’t know was she would do anything so she can stay on the show. But if she think the she’s the star and not NeNe that b**** IS REALLY CRAZY !! LET HER a** GO BACK TO BEING MS. USA I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THERE WAS I SECOND BLACK ONE SO b**** GO BACK TO LA.

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