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Adrienne Maloof and Paul Suing Brandy on RHOBH?

Adrienne Maloof and Paul Suing Brandy on RHOBH

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Adrienne Maloof and Paul are suing Brandi Glanville on this week’s RHOBH episode, so claims Brandi. Before the Adrienne Maloof divorce, another alleged legal action was pending for Adrienne. “Adrienne and Paul and suing me”, Brandi claims on the newest episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Glanville, however, appears to be loose with the words “going to” during the telecast. But what exactly was Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif allegedly suing Brandi for? While viewers can speculate, Brandi doesn’t reveal the contents of Adrienne’s letter besides stating it was in reference to her Sur remarks.

Mauricio Umansky of the Agency confronts Brandi’s assertion about possible litigation. “Let me tell you [Brandi]. “I have received attorney letters for a lot of things. I make a phone call and the letter goes away.”

Brandi gives viewers an unclear answer what has happened between Mauricio’s LA Live event and the latest episode. She claims that she tried to apologize to Adrienne but was allegedly contacted my Maloof’s lawyers instead. Mauricio doesn’t believe it though. He says that Brandi should pick up the phone, ignore the letter, and meet with Adrienne.

Yolanda Foster also tells news that, in her opinion, the two women are not handling the situation appropriately. Foster asserts “if you say it [Brandi] , you have to have the b-lls to cough it up and say let’s have a coffee and discuss it.” But Brandi gives viewers an unclear answer. “I haven’t had a chance to. They are suing me now…. I have tried to call her, and her lawyer has sent me a letter.”

At that point, viewers learn that Brandi’s assertion that she is “being sued” is a bit misleading. Rather, she explains that Maloof’s lawyers allegedly sent her a letter about a possible lawsuit. But what does the letter state? Yolanda is left perplexed. “What is said, it is done. What is she suing her for now? What does Brandy have that Adrienne can get?”

At that point, the table has nothing but negative statements to say about Maloof. Even Kyle remarks “I think it is to intimate her.” Lisa agrees. “I don’t like that Adrienne intimating Brandy with her financial power.” Previously, Brandi told news “We all know this one major lie to be true. So I decided to say it out loud.” Kyle was displeased stating, “You did not just say that. What is this woman thinking?”

Lisa says Brandi has no money to fight anything with Adrienne. “She doesn’t own anything. She is trying to survive herself. Sue for what? We know Adrienne comes from a family of money. She spent two thousand dollars today to send a letter from a lawyer.” And then Lisa adds the line that everyone remembers. “Isn’t that Adrienne who said ‘friends don’t sue friends’.”

That cues Taylor to react “That is what upset me.. I thought it was a big deal when it my stuff, it is different ball game. My stuff was a bigger stuff. It was involving abuse.” A first look of next week’s Monday’s episode airs this week on Bravo.

Since taping has ended, Brandi has told news that her dispute with Adrienne has been resolved. No lawsuit was filed. And Maloof later divorced Nassif.


  1. linda hanna

    January 12, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    Here’s the deal. Brandi got wind of the pending divorce before we or any of the housewives knew about it. Of course A and P wanted to keep it under wraps. Now it is no longer relevant since they’ve proceeded with divorcing, so the suit was dropped.

  2. RHBH Fan

    February 14, 2013 at 10:27 am

    Does Adrienne know how ridiculous she comes across? What’s the big deal about using a surrogate? It would have been wiser for Adrienne to admit using a surrogate from the beginning. She could have gained public empathy by sharing the reasons for using a surrogate and facing the difficult task of telling her children.

    But Adrienne chose to hide the truth and threatened Bravo and Brandi with lawsuits – Which is why Bravo did not air the surrogate accusation on the show – which was really weird – my reaction was why is Adrienne going bonkers over this? Not airing the accusation only served to shine a spot light on the situation. Did she think viewers would be unable to find out from other sources? Adrienne should have just dealt with the accusation honestly and truthfully – after all this is a reality tv show. But apparently to Adrienne, the purpose of RHBH is to show what a perfect life she has.

    Now that Adrienne has been criticized for intimidating Brandi with her legal and financial power, Adrienne pulls perhaps the most curious of moves – she denies ever sending letters threatening legal action. But we’ve all seen Adrienne say on camera she would sue Brandi. And Brandi has the letter as proof. Adrienne looks ridiculous. For someone with so much money, where are her advisers? Adrienne isn’t very savvy – her name and reputation is being sullied and it’s all self-inflicted.

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