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Pacino Won’t Meet Spector for HBO Movie

Pacino Won't Meet Spector for HBO Movie

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Al Pacino won’t meet Phil Spector to prepare for his HBO movie, the actor tells news. Al Pacino in preparation for his David Mamet film considered meeting Spector in prison. But Pacino tells news that Spector (mug shot photo above) is not the same person.

Pacino made the revelation Friday. After appearing before the Television Critics Association, Pacino was asked what it will be like playing the title role in “Phil Spector”. The film concerns two jury trials and Spector being sentenced to 19 years to life in prison.

When asked why he wouldn’t meet Spector, Pacino said “I didn’t meet him because he’s in prison and he’s already been convicted. This person I’m playing is the guy who was there before he was convicted.” He also told news that he is unsure if Spector would have met with him. “So I thought — not that Phil Spector would have seen me.”

The film will feature Helen Mirren playing Spector’s attorney, Linda Kenny Baden. Bette Midler was first secured for the role. But after filming started, Bette had to withdraw due to back trouble. Pacino told news Friday “I didn’t try, simply because I thought, ‘Well, you know. It’s a different Phil Spector now.'” No release date for the film has yet to be indicated to news.

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