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Shawty Lo All My Babies Mamas Concept Rejected by Player: EXCLUSIVE

Shawty Lo All My Babies Mamas Prompts Antonio Cromartie Like Debate: EXCLUSIVE

ST LOUIS (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Shawty Lo’s All My Babies’ Mamas, a new reality show for Oxygen, is prompting petitions and backlash. Outraged fans of Shawty Lo’s Babies’ Mamas are vowing, additionally, to launch boycotts as well. But Oxygen sees nothing wrong with the series.

But while Shawty Lo is happy doing the show, Antonio Cromartie refused to do the same concept when approached in 2012. In April of that year, Antonio Cromartie confirmed to news that several of his baby mamas were getting to getting to do a reality show about themselves with a similar concept.

At the time the show would have featured Cromartie’s ten kids, from eight women, in six states. But Antonio Cromartie in April flatly refused to do any such show. The Post at the time claimed that Cromartie would not allow any such time of recording of his children. “Cromartie has deflected the plan, blocking any filming of his offspring. It’s not the kind of spotlight sought by Cromartie, who famously [… appeared] on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” in 2010.”

But now along comes Shawty Lo. He’s show is not about ten kids from eight women, but eleven children from ten women. Cromartie has yet to comment about the Shawty Lo show. But Oxygen’s Senior Vice President of Development tells news that the show will allegedly have redeeming qualities. “It will be filled with outrageous and authentic over-the-top moments that our young, diverse female audience can tweet and gossip about.”

Other disagree. One petition that has garnered thousands of signatures online fumes “As dysfunctional and violent as so-called reality shows are, could you ever imagine a one hour spectacle where 11 children are forced to witness their 10 unwed mothers clamor for financial support, emotional attention and …l reward from Shawty-Lo, the apathetic ‘father’?”

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