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Bieber Paparazzo Killed Pursuing Lil Twist: Chris Guerra

Bieber Paparazzo Killed Pursuing Lil Twist: Chris Guerra

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Bieber paparazzo has been killed, chasing the wrong singer. Justin Bieber paparazzo Chris Guerra has was killed overnight pursuing Bieber’s white Ferrari. The car, which has black windows, was being pursued by Guerra, believing that Bieber was inside. Rather, Lil Twist was in the car.

The latest Bieber paparazzo trouble erupted overnight in Los Angeles. Several weeks ago, Bieber was spotted leaving Selena Gomez’s home in the same white Ferrari. A video at the time showed Bieber burning rubber exiting with the Ferrari from Gomez’s home.

But overnight, Bieber’s Ferrari was being pursued on the 405 Freeway. The Ferrari was pulled over by CHP for speeding in the Brentwood part of Los Angeles. CHP effectuated the traffic stop on Sepulveda.

Chris Guerra had been assigned to follow Bieber by a local paparazzi agency, claims news. During the traffic ticket, Guerra attempted to get a picture of Bieber receiving a speeding ticket.

But according to news reports, Guerra was allegedly ordered away from the car. He was struck allegedly running into traffic on Sepulveda Boulevard. TMZ reports that the Bieber wasn’t driving the car but rather Lil Twist.

Last night, one fan tweeted to Lil Twist “bet you and Justin had a crazy time last night”. He replied “I wouldn’t even bet you.” On New Years Eve, Lil Twist tweeted the following image, writing “wild kids”. The image features him and Bieber in Mexico drinking champagne.

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