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NeNe Leakes Granddaughter: Bryson Bryant, Ashley Hill Baby Revealed

NeNe Leakes Granddaughter: Bryson Bryant, Ashley Hill Baby Revealed

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – NeNe Leakes unveils her granddaughter Bri’asia Bryant on RHOA Sunday. NeNe Leakes’ son Bryson Bryant and his girlfriend Ashley Hill had baby Bri’asia Bryant (baby photos below) earlier this year. But on RHOA next Sunday, NeNe reveals what is like being a “glam-ma”, not a grandma.

NeNe Leakes’ son Bryson Bryant has battled an arrest, a mugshot, an alleged beating, and more over the last few years. But when Bryson Bryant got his girlfriend Ashley pregnant, he kept the news from NeNe. In August, when NeNe unveiled her granddaughter to the world, she admitted that Bryson kept her a secret at first from her.

Bryson’s Baby, Pictures
Bryson’s Baby Photo 1
Bryson’s Baby Photo 2
Bryson’s Baby Photo 3
Bryson’s Baby Photo 4

NeNe told news that she knew Bryson, 22, and Ashley, 21, were serious. But she also didn’t know what was going on. She told news at the time that she ran into Ashley randomly. When she saw Hill, she commented that she looked very pregnant. At that point, Ashley was six months into her pregnancy. Hill told Leakes that she was pregnant and surprised Bryson kept it a secret from NeNe.

In June, Hill and Bryant welcomed the beautiful girl. NeNe told news that she had Bryson also at age twenty one. She was worried about the financial responsibilities the baby birth would cause Bryson. But NeNe admitted to news that she paid for everything.

Cynthia tells NeNe this Sunday “look at you glam-ma. Where is this baby?” Cynthia immediately wants to sign the baby to the Bailey Agency. “You are so cute. I need to sign her up for baby modeling.”

NeNe tells news “Even though I am very stressed about leaving to go off to LA,… she is going to be a fashionista just like her glam-ma.” NeNe reveals that she won’t be having a sip ‘n see. Cynthia asks “So we are gonna have a sip n’ see so the other girls can see the baby? … that is what they do in the South, honey, an old sip n ‘ see.” NeNe replies “girl, no, we are not doing a sip and see. this is Bryson’s baby and Ashley’s baby.”

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