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Kenya Moore, Walter Jackson Breakup in Alleged Fake Relationship

are Kenya Moore, Walter Jackson still together split Breakup After Alleged Boyfriend Script

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Are Kenya Moore and Walter Jackson still together? Kenya Moore and Walter Jackson do break up, fans see starting tonight on Bravo. Kenya Moore has also told news that she is currently single and not dating anyone exclusively. But Walter says that he and Kenya never broke up because their “dating” on RHOA was allegedly fake.

On Real Housewives of Atlanta tonight, Kenya Moore reveals that she and Walter weren’t on the “same page”. But earlier this month, Walter told news that they were on the same page in an alleged script-like relationship. Jackson told news that Moore allegedly invented the relationship, the engagement struggle, and even the breakup, all for television. Moore denies the allegations.

In fact, Kenya Moore this week said that she was allegedly deceived by Walter, claiming that Walter allegedly led her to believe that they were getting engaged. Walter, in turn, tells news that Kenya allegedly deceived others into believing that she and him were actually dating. Walter says that he and Kenya were never dating when cameras were rolling. Moreover, he claims that Kenya called him up and asked him to “act” as her boyfriend in the reality show.

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So who was the culprit? Walter claims that he and Kenya misled TV viewers and Bravo. He claims that two invented the relationship and never told Bravo. But Kenya claims that Walter misled her. “I want to thank NeNe, who made it clear to Walter that it is cruel to lie to or mislead me if he was not going to propose.” Kenya continues to tell news this week that Walter suggested an engagement was coming. “We all unmistakably heard what he said on the beach.”

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Since the trip, Walter and Kenya kept their distance. In tonight’s episode, they sit down for a confrontation. She says she is not dating material, but only wife material. “I have been avoiding Walter since the trip. I really have to get to the bottom of where Walter and I stand. If you aren’t into me, tell me, so I can get it moving. But dot waste my time.”

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Kenya tells Walter that she and him aren’t on the same page. “I feel like we were on the same page. We took that walk on the beach. You talked about the possibilities about what could happen during a stay there. It seemed, perfect.” She added “And then, when Peter stood up and said something about you might only have one day left. The way you responded. It seemed like you hadn’t taken any of this seriously. That is what through me through a loop. I felt blindsided.”

Kenya feels that she was blindsided. Viewers don’t particularly agree. Many contend that Kenya appeared too desperate for any possible suitor. Kenya says “I felt blindsided. I felt like what is going on here. You said that we have three days left.” She added “I cant be your girlfriend. I am wife material.”

Walter however jabs back with a bad insult. “Simply because at your age, you say that you are wife material but you ain’t married.”

Fans do agree with Kenya. They believe that Walter did lead her on. “I also believe that Walter led Kenya on very subtly throughout the Anguilla trip. As women, when we desire to be married, we oftentimes read quite a bit into the little things that the man offers up” said one viewer on this week.

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  1. Tina

    January 12, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    The relationship was long and boring. Thankfully it’s over. I felt embarrassed for mostly Kenya but Walter too as it was so long and felt like it’d never end – who cares!!!!!!

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