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Peter Parker Death Angers Fans, Parker Dead in Latest Issue

Peter Parker Death Angers Fans, Parker Dead in Latest Issue

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Peter Parker is dead. But the Peter Parker death is angering Spider-Man fans today. Parker dies in the new Amazing Spider-Man #700 issue. But writer Dan Slott is defending the decision.

Slott in a news statement today says that the decision was appropriate. “Gone are his days of villainy, but since it’s Doc Ock and he has that ego, he’s not going to try and just be Spider-man, he’s going to try to be the best Spider-Man ever.” But fans are disagreeing, vehemently. Slott himself has reportedly received death threats for the storyline.

The death is revealed during an exchange between Peter Parker and Doctor Octopus. Parker tells news that Parker should not have the same fate as other superheroes. “He’s not Superman. Spider-Man doesn’t always win. He’s us. We do our best, but sometimes we fall short. What makes him heroic is that he stays on the right path”, he tells the LA Times. “There’s a victory in this story for Peter if you’re willing to see it. Any superhero can look heroic in the winner’s circle, when they’re adored and showered with praise. But when you’re in a losing battle, when the world’s against you, when everyone thinks you’re a menace, but you do the right thing anyway … that’s when you’re better than a superhero. That’s when you’re Peter Parker.”

In a news statement, Slott also said that killing of Parker is a way to keep Spider-Man “fresh”. Fans are not pleased. “This is an epic turn,” Slott said in a news statement. “I’ve been writing Spider-Man for 70-plus issues. Every now and then, you have to shake it up. … The reason Spider-Man is one of the longest running characters is they always find a way to keep it fresh. Something to shake up the mix.”

“The Superior Spider-Man” debuts early next year. And Editor Stephen Wacker says that the latest development is fitting for the next year’s issues. “In his very first story, his uncle died because of something he did so the book has always been aimed at making Peter’s life as difficult as possible,” Wacker tells news. “The book has always worked best when it’s about Peter Parker’s life, not Spider-Man’s.”

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