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Faye Resnick Blog Deleted by Bravo in RHOBH Twist

Faye Resnick Blog Deleted by Bravo about RHOBH

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Faye Resnick’s blog on has been deleted by Bravo. The Faye Resnick RHOBH blog for’s coverage was posted before the holidays. On December 19, LALATE reported news that, within its first forty-eight hours, Faye’s comments had attracted five hundred comments, virtually all negative. So why was Faye Resnick’s blog deleted by Bravo? It remains unclear if it was deleted because of the comments section or because of Resnick’s own words. But a quick perusal of other RHOBH cast member blogs reveals that certain notable words about the Glanville controversy appear to have also been possibly deleted as well from the viewer comments section.

Bravo has yet to inform news why Faye Resnick’s blog was deleted. The removal of a page from, during a telecast season, is almost unheard of from the network. But the numbers were very clear.

For example, a very active post on can attract roughly five hundred comments in a week. But Faye Resnick had drawn those numbers in its first two days.

Forty-eight hours after Resnick’s comments were posted, LALATE reported news that Resnick was receiving unprecedented negative reaction from viewers. On December 19, LALATE reported that “Out of roughly five hundred comments this week for Resnick on, most were negative with many asking Bravo not to invite Resnick back.”

Many of the comments written by viewers were directed at Bravo. Viewers were urging Bravo to delete Resnick’s upcoming scenes from the show. Where Resnick’s original comments were posted now sites the remarks “Sorry, nothing here yet. For more about me, check out my bio. ”

One viewer told Bravo at the time “Dear Bravo, please please please don’t make Faye a cast member. She’s not interesting, lacks table manners.” Another wrote “Isn’t your fifteen minutes over yet?” But most urged Bravo to not give Resnick more airtime. “Bravo, please do not make this [woman] a regular cast-member. There are enough mean-girls in this franchise. I for one do not enjoy watching so much disrespectful behavior wrapped in self-righteousness.”

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