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Kenya Moore, Walter Jackson Boyfriend Claims Don’t Match: EXCLUSIVE

 Kenya Moore, Walter Jackson Boyfriend Claims Don't Match: EXCLUSIVE

ST LOUIS (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – The Kenya Moore, Walter Jackson boyfriend relationship on RHOA was faked by Moore for TV ratings, claims Jackson. Kenya Moore however claims that Walter Jackson was her boyfriend and that he wanted to marry her. But old remarks by Kenya Moore now uncovered by LALATE reveal lots of inconsistencies at the time that cameras began rolling for Bravo. The real key into the Kenya Moore – Walter Jackson controversy are Kenya’s own comments to news back last May.

In early spring, online reports suggested that the former Miss USA could be joining the fifth season of RHOA. But in June, one fan tweeted Kenya a leaked picture of her appearing with the RHOA cast. Sister2Sister reported on June 29 that Moore told news that she was not joining RHOA. “When asked about a picture of her with some of the cast members, Kenya tweeted, ‘Some people are so thirsty they send fake stories to bloggers #nothingsurprisesme.'” SIster2Sister claimed at the time that Moore assured fans she was not joining RHOA. “She recently told followers on Twitter not to be fooled by rumors that make their way online.”

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In May, Sister2Sister also confirmed that Moore would be joining some unnamed reality show. When asked about the remark, Moore said it was important to appear on the show to give a “realistic” portrayal of single women. “I feel like it’s almost like my duty to take the job because it’s the converse of what we’re seeing now.”

But where exactly did Kenya live at the time when cast in RHOA? Moore told news that “I’m back and forth between Atlanta and L.A.” That was not true, claims reports.

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First, FreedyO reported in May that Moore allegedly was not living in Atlanta when hired for RHOA. “Even though Kenya doesn’t currently live in Atlanta it doesn’t stop Bravo execs for choosing her for the show!” He added “Kenya tweeted she was in Atlanta and was told by producers to start getting some good ATL press. Kenya is originally from Detroit, and loves to start drama I have seen in first hand.”

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Second, TheYBF also told news the same. In May it wrote “Just when we thought this was pretty much impossible since Kenya doesn’t even live in the ATL [she got hired]”.

But in the fall, when Bravo told news that Moore had been cast in the show, and the episodes with Walter Jackson had been filmed, how did Kenya describe her home? She told news that she was already living in Atlanta in a relationship when hired for the show.

She told the Detroit Free Press that she had moved to Atlanta for love and then suddenly had been cast by Bravo in RHOA. When asked how did a Detroit native “based in Los Angeles” land an Atlanta reality show, Moore replied “I just felt like it was time for me to have it all, the family and husband I’ve always wanted.” When asked which came first, the show or her “relationship”, Kenya told news “My romantic relationship had already existed, I was already relocating to Atlanta for that. I also wanted to open myself up to something I’ve never done before, something outside of my comfort zone…It all just happened at the right time.”

For now, Moore is disputing Walter Jackson’s allegations detailed to Frank Ski and Wanda Smith. But many fans are not believing Moore.

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  1. bella cook

    January 14, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    I can’t stand Walter, I think he is the liar. Everyone is really hating on Kenya. I like her and I believe her side of the story. I felt her relationship with Walter was real and once he got his taste of fame he flipped to this ugly old arrogant brother whose full of himself.

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