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Jenni Rivera Funeral, Memorial Prompts Live Streaming Video Watch Worldwide

how to watch the Jenni Rivera Funeral, Memorial Prompts Live Streaming Video online Watch Worldwide start time

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Jenni Rivera funeral, memorial will get unprecedented live streaming video coverage online today. After fans wondered last week how to watch the Jenni Rivera funeral online, local news and Spanish language noticias considered providing fans live streaming video coverage. That plan became even more important after news reports Monday indicated that tickets to the ceremony had been sold out.

The Jenni Rivera funeral, memorial today is called “Celestial Graduation”. After initial news reports indicated that the ceremony would be offered in Long Beach, the memorial was scheduled for the Gibson Amphitheatre. Located at the Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles, California, the venue was set to deliver a Jenni Rivera concert just next March.

On Tuesday, officials opened up ticketing through Ticketmaster for $1. The option gave some fans the ability see the Jenni Rivera memorial live in person. But the tickets sold out in one hour. Other preparations were quickly put in place. No ticketing will be done on scene, officials tell news. Additionally, members of the news media will not be allowed inside the venue. Rather a news pool video will carry the streaming video telecast. Pedro Rivera Jr will start the memorial today. “We will celebrate the graduation into heaven, with honors, of our beloved mother, daughter and sister Jenni Rivera,” Jenni’s family said in a new statement this week.

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And while most of Jenni Rivera’s fans won’t be able to see the funeral in person, live streaming video of the Jenni Rivera funeral (located HERE) will be permitted by the Rivera family. With arrangements through local news, fans worldwide will be able to watch the celebration of Jenni’s life.

What is the start time for Jenni Rivera’s funeral today? The ceremony will start at 10 am PST today, officials tell news, and run for two hours. Local news, however, may begin coverage slightly earlier. Only six thousand fans will be able to get into the venue today. But millions of fans worldwide are expected to watch the telecast online.

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“We have received 100 percent confirmation that my sister Jenni is gone to be with the Lord,” her brother Pedro Rivera Jr. said Thursday in a news statement. “She is in the presence of God now.” Fans are asked that in lieu of flowers to make donations to the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation.

Last night, Lupillo Rivera, Jenni’s brother, told news “Thank you for the people who have shared their affection.” He added “Jenni was a strong women, a clear, tireless warrior who continues to live on in our hearts. I love you.”

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Moments before boarding her final flight, an exterior image of the 1969 plane was tweeted. Then, on board, Rivera’s makeup artist sent via Instagram the final picture of the singer. She had just finished a concert in Monterrey. Her hair appeared still done from the concert. She was all smiles. Her next stop was the city of Toluca. There she was set to appear on La Voz, the local version of The Voice, as a celebrity judge.

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Jenni had sold fifteen million albums worldwide. In high school growing up in Long Beach, she married Trinidad Marin. He eventually was sentenced to life in prison. She was later married to Juan Lopez. That marriage ended in divorce as well. Most recently, she had separated from third husband Esteban Loaiza. Jenni had been interviewed by news shortly after her final concert Saturday night. During that interview she said she had her heart broken three times but that she had bounced back each time.

Initially on welfare early in her life, she later studied business administration at Long Beach State University. That led to her businesses Divina Realty, Divina Cosmetics, Jenni Rivera Fragrance and Jenni Jeans.

Rivera was at the height of her career. On TV, she had three shows. She produced for cable “Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C”, “I Love Jenni”, “Chiquis ‘n Control”. She also had in development with ABC yet a fourth series “Jenni” for sitcom audiences.

She released her first few albums independently. Among them were “Chacalosa”, “We Are Rivera” and “Farewell to Selena.” Years later she moved to Sony and by 2005 released “Partier, Rebellious and Daring.” Film projects included Filly Brown. In 2008 album, she reached number one of the Billboard Latin Albums chart. She had also picked up countless honors including Female Artist of the Year and Band Album of the Year.

To watch the Jenni Rivera memorial today, click HERE. Send your love.

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