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Douglas Son Beaten in Jail by Crime Captain

Douglas Son Beaten in Jail by Crime Captain

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Michael Douglas’ son has beaten in jail by a crime family captain. Michael Douglas’ son Cameron Douglas was beaten severally by an alleged crime syndicate leader after Douglas alleged squealed on him during a bail hearing. Cameron’s testimony resulted in his prison sentence being cut in half. It now, however, has also resulted in a series of alleged injuries.

Officials tell the New York Post that the captain beat Douglas’ son. The beating erupted after Cameron Douglas identified the man as his seller during a bail hearing. Douglas’ psychiatrist Dr. Robert Millman allegedly told prison officials that a one hundred dollar bounty was put on Douglas by the captain after Douglas allegedly “ratted” on the captain during a hearing.

Douglas suffered a broken leg and finger during the prison battening. “He broke his femur, which is hard to snap, and had to have a rod inserted,” a prison source told the Post. “He told health services staff that he hurt [his leg and finger] playing handball. You don’t break a femur playing handball.”

Michael Douglas in 2010 said he was at fault for Cameron’s troubled past. But he said without jail Cameron was “was going to be dead or somebody was gonna kill him. I think he has a chance to start a new life, and he knows that”. Cameron has told his judge “the opportunity to build myself and gain the tools I need to shape my future…. I feel so strongly, for the first time in my life, that I am truly ripe for positive reform and real achievement.”

Cameron was set to serve ten years in prison. But his sentence at Metropolitan Correctional Center in Pennsylvania was reduced to five after he provided testimony against the dealers that smuggled him substances into prison.

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