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Jenni Rivera Death Pictures Prompt Arrest; Lupillo Rivera Remembers Sister

 Jenni Rivera Death Pictures Prompt Arrest; Lupillo Rivera Remembers Sister

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Jenni Rivera death pictures following Sunday’s plane crash prompted arrests this week. But as Jenni Rivera funeral aka entierro arrangements are pending, fans are worried that death pictures of Jenni could soon end up in tabloid publications the week of her memorial. Also this week, brother Lupillo Rivera told news that it was honor being Jenni’s sister.

Mexican officials confirmed to news last week that Jenni Rivera death pictures were taken, not by outside news agencies, but by rogue Mexican police officers. Those same officers looted the crime scene, reportedly taking some of Jenni Rivera’s belongings.

Jenni Rivera Normal Final Pictures Set 1
Jenni Rivera Photo 1

Jenni Rivera Photo 2

Jenni Rivera Photo 3

Jenni Rivera Photo 4

Yet others denounced the Mexican officials this week as well. Officials were slow to investigate the scandal pictures. On Monday, the images hit the net. But only until days later were the individuals responsible for the pictures of Jenni and the theft arrested.

Jenni Rivera Final Pictures Set 2
Jenni Rivera Photo 5
Jenni Rivera Photo 6
Jenni Rivera Photo 7
Jenni Rivera Photo 8

And yet, fans are worried that the harm could be far from over. As the entierro de Jenni Rivera  (burial) is set to occur this week, many are worried that the tasteless scandal pictures could soon be hitting tabloid publications. Earlier this year, a similar such horror erupted after images of Whitney Houston were taken and then republished in the National Enquirer. Years earlier, the same was done when OK! Magazine published on its cover a picture of Michael Jackson dead at UCLA Medical Center.

Jenni Rivera Final Pictures Set 3
Jenni Rivera Photo 9
Jenni Rivera Photo 10
Jenni Rivera Photo 11
Jenni Rivera Photo 12

This week, Lupillo Rivera told news that it was honor being Jenni’s brother. “A few days ago I promised my mother, my nephews, my father, my family and fans brought my sister back home …… and ….. Thank God …. I achieved with the help of my brothers Gustavo and Juan Rivera.”

Jenni Rivera Final Pictures Set 4
Jenni Rivera Photo 13
Jenni Rivera Photo 14
Jenni Rivera Photo 15
Jenni Rivera Photo 16

He thanked local officials. “I thank the Government of Mexico, Consulate of the United States Government, to my team Primetime for supporting my family ALL, friends who have been at my side.” He also thanked “the media and the public all of my sister for their patience in these difficult times for us.”

He then said in a tribute to his sister, sharing the above image, “Jenni ….. thanks for being in this world this time. Thank God for letting me be your brother. You’re a proud Mexican and the World always loved you and will always be with me ….. I’ll miss you.”

Mexican officials confirm that the officers who stole Jenni’s belongings and took the images of her remains have been arrested But officials have yet to indicate if they have taken any efforts to insure that the images are no republished in Mexican tabloids in the future.


  1. mari macias

    December 16, 2012 at 11:54 am

    Rip Jenni” we Luv u”sumthing s not rite”I hope us officials look into wat exactly happen”no way a nose dive could possibly b by planes malfuction”think about it”and how nothing was reconizable”not material nor human”renst in peace all that lost there’s lives”

  2. alma monge

    August 9, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    para toda la familia mi mas centido pesame yo perdi a mi hemana a los 39 anios se lo gue ciemtrn.solo dios nosda la paz/gue dios los mendiga alma GRASIAS

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