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Jenny Rivera Crash Photos Following Death Prompt Mexico Leak Outrage

Jenny Rivera Crash Photos Following Death Prompts Mexico Leak Outrage

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Jenny Rivera crash photos following her death originated from a Mexico leak. Images of Jenni Rivera’s plane crash, inappropriate pictures that showed personal belongings including her dress and shoes, first leaked online Monday. Yesterday, Mexico officials denounced the pictures leaked, but only three days after the images had surfaced on a series of Mexico based websites.

On Monday, fans of Jenni Rivera, cited as “Jenny Rivera” in plane logs, were still questioning if she was among the dead in Sunday’s plane crash. So a series of Mexico based websites began to publish inappropriate pictures featuring her belongings and other items. Yet only Thursday did Mexico authorities take action against the persons leaking those pictures. Mexico police would not tell news why it took them three days to find the culprit of the leaked images.

Jenni Rivera Final Pictures Set 1
Jenni Rivera Photo 1
Jenni Rivera Photo 2
Jenni Rivera Photo 3
Jenni Rivera Photo 4

One image showed Rivera’s final dress worn on stage Saturday night, a pink floral pattern dress. Another depicted her shoe. Authorities told news Thursday that they recovered several of Jenni’s belongings from local law enforcement who had looted the items from the crash site. While it remains unclear which items they stole, it’s clear that dresses, shoes, and stage outfits remained intact even after Sunday’s crash.

Jenni Rivera Final Pictures Set 2
Jenni Rivera Photo 5
Jenni Rivera Photo 6
Jenni Rivera Photo 7
Jenni Rivera Photo 8

Jenni Rivera is the latest celebrity to be the subject of death photos published. From Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston, the horror is all too familiar for fans.

Earlier this year, the National Enquirer was under fire for running what it called the Whitney Houston death photos as her “last photo”. The pictures were believed to have been taken during an open casket private viewing of Whitney inside the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, New Jersey.

Jenni Rivera Final Pictures Set 3
Jenni Rivera Photo 9
Jenni Rivera Photo 10
Jenni Rivera Photo 11
Jenni Rivera Photo 12

Three years earlier, one magazine prompted international horror for its magazine cover. In 2009, Richard Desmond, owner of OK Magazine, paid a reported $500,000 for a picture of Michael Jackson. The picture of Jackson ran on the cover of OK for an entire week, drawing international outrage against the publication.

Jenni Rivera Final Pictures Set 4
Jenni Rivera Photo 13
Jenni Rivera Photo 14
Jenni Rivera Photo 15
Jenni Rivera Photo 16

Sometimes the photos have taken a questionable form beyond the world of print magazines. In September 2011, Los Angeles jurors were shocked when prosecutors in the Conrad Murray trial showed them a manipulated Michael Jackson death photo in the opening statement. Prosecutors later defended the release of the image. Attorney David Walgren put up the picture in his opening statement. “What happened between that time and approximately 12 hours later when Michael Jackson is dead on June 25, 2009?” The picture was not in its original form. It was color manipulated, aged, and given a caption by prosecutors.

Mexican authorities have arrested two local police officers who reportedly stole Jenni Rivera’s belongings and sold images to Mexico based websites. Prosecutors have yet to indicate to news what they plan to do with the two police officers. But with the crash scene located in a desolate terrain, and search and rescue officers on scene last Sunday, Mexico officials have yet to explain how the crash scene was not kept secure from looting, even from internal officials.

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