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Jenni Rivera Funeral Arrangements, Memorial Tribute Concert Remain Pending

 Jenni Rivera jenny rivera Funeral Arrangements, Memorial Tribute Concert Remain Pending

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Jenni Rivera funeral arrangements could include a memorial tribute concert for fans. Jenni Rivera’s funeral arrangements are being handled after Rivera’s remains arrived at All Souls Mortuary in Long Beach, California last night, reps tell news. Jenni’s family has yet to formalize funeral arrangements but are reportedly considering a public memorial both in Los Angeles and Mexico and also one or more tribute concert(s).

Rivera’s remains were flown from Mexico to All Souls Mortuary in Long Beach last night. Jenni Rivera’s DNA results were not obtained at the time. Pedro Rivera, Jr. told news last night that family members saw Rivera’s remains in Mexico and were able to identify her without the need of DNA results.

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Earlier news reports claimed that Lupillo Rivera had solely flown from Los Angeles to Mexico to identify Jenni’s remains. But last night, Pedro Jr told news that Lupillo, Juan, and Gustavo had all traveled to Mexico this week. Pedro explained to news last night “We have received 100 percent confirmation that my sister Jenny has gone to be with the Lord.”

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Pedro explained that the family did not need DNA test results. “They did show pictures to my brothers of the body, but not the full body. Juan was able to say ‘that was my sister’ and he said ‘I don’t need more.’ Gus also said ‘that was our sister.'” He added, “They didn’t have to wait for the DNA. They just knew it was my sister and now they are flying back to Los Angeles with the body.”

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Pedro told news that funeral services are still pending but thanked the outpouring of support from fans. “Keep on praying for the family. for the plans that we have, the funeral services. … and I ask you to keep on respecting the family.” Pedro detailed to news that a public service is anticipated for Los Angeles along with a tribute concert.

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Last night, some news reports claimed that Jenni’s remains had been cremated and already delivered to her brother Lupillo Rivera. But Pedro Jr. told news last night that the family had originally anticipated cremating Jenni, but that decision was changed. “Jenni always had advisers who helped her to work and to make things right. She prepared a letter about a month, month and a half ago.” He explained that a letter hade planed that Jenni Rivera did not want to be cremated. Rivera reportedly had formalized estate and will preparations just months ago through advisers.

Last night, fans waited at Long Beach Airport as Jenni’s remains were flown into Southern California. A hearse took the remains with police escort to All Souls Mortuary during the night Thursday evening.

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