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Jenny Rivera Plane Crash Photos Match Dress, DNA Test Pending

Jenny Rivera Plane Crash Photos Match Dress, DNA Test Pending jenni rivera dead body found

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Jenny Rivera’s plane crash photos now match images of Rivera’s final concert dress.  But Jenni Rivera DNA test results could take days, officials tell news. DNA tests of the hit singer, cited as “Jenny Rivera” in flight logs, were ordered by the U.S. agency NTSB on Monday. The agency and the Rivera family visited the plane crash site this week. But a dress recovered at the plane crash site matches Rivera’s dress worn on stage Saturday night.

Jenni Rivera’s final concert was Saturday. Recorded for an upcoming cable TV broadcast, Rivera appeared on stage in several outfits. In one of her outfits, Jenni is wearing a full flowing pink dress. The dress is a fabric pattern in which flowers come up from the knee to the midsection across a pink background.

Jenni Rivera Final Pictures Set 1
Jenni Rivera Photo 1
Jenni Rivera Photo 2
Jenni Rivera Photo 3
Jenni Rivera Photo 4

Images of the Jenni Rivera plane crash now show that the same dress was recovered at the crash site. The dress is believed to have been stored in luggage during flight. Rivera was not spotted wearing the dress on-board the flight, in final images taken and posted to Instagram. Also recovered at the crash site were a woman’s heels and Rivera’s California issued DMV license. Additionally found are piece of long clusters of female hair or hair extensions.

Jenni Rivera Final Pictures Set 2
Jenni Rivera Photo 5
Jenni Rivera Photo 6
Jenni Rivera Photo 7
Jenni Rivera Photo 8

Jenni Rivera’s family is awaiting DNA test results. Her brother Pedro Rivera Jr. told local news “We still have hope that she’s alive.” He added “It’s a 95% chance that she’s dead, but we have that belief because we don’t have a body. They found clothes.”

NTSB spokesman Keith Holloway told news Sunday that Mexican aviation authorities confirmed Rivera’s death. NTSB had reportedly not visited the crash scene Sunday when that statement was made to news.

Jenni Rivera Final Pictures Set 3
Jenni Rivera Photo 9
Jenni Rivera Photo 10
Jenni Rivera Photo 11
Jenni Rivera Photo 12

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board is now, however, working with local Mexican officials. At issue is roughly several hundred yards across difficult terrain in Nuevo Leon.

Juan Rivera, Jenni’s brother, made clear to news Monday that Jenni Rivera’s dead body has not been recovered. “We have no confirmation of her body being recovered, dead or alive.” While Jenni Rivera’s body was not recovered in tact, human remains of several on board have been recovered. Those remains are currently being kept under seal in a Monterrey hospital.

Jenni Rivera Final Pictures Set 4
Jenni Rivera Photo 13
Jenni Rivera Photo 14
Jenni Rivera Photo 15
Jenni Rivera Photo 16

Alejandro Argudin, of Mexico’s civil aviation agency, told news yesterday that he is working with NTSB. DNA results, he said, could take upwards of ten days. The cause of the crash still remains under investigation. Also at issue is the plane’s owner.

Officials, however, told news on Monday that the plane crashed just minutes into the flight. Moreover, the plane reportedly dropped twenty-eight thousand feet at six hundred mph, in a complete nose dive. For more about Rivera’s plane, its owner, and her final moments, click HERE. Vigils and memorials continue across Southern California today. Send your love.


  1. bubles

    December 12, 2012 at 8:00 am

    i still cant accept the death of someone like jenny.she was very awesome , hardworking, and still believe she is living………………

  2. Mia

    December 13, 2012 at 4:10 am

    I was not a fan of hers but was familiar with her music and on occasion would see one of her performances on tv. I am sadden to learn of her death. I still can’t believe it and hope that they made a mistake. She had a whole life ahead of her. RIP Jenni.

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