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Bombshell: What did Brandy Say About Adrienne Maloof Family?

Bombshell: What did Brandy Say About Adrienne Maloof Family brandi glanville

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – “What did Brandy say about Adrienne Maloof’s family” has become Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “bombshell” this week, according to Kim Richards. Brandi’s comments about Adrienne Maloof’s family prompted Bravo to edit out the remarks, claims Glanville. Adrienne Maloof has yet to comment to news about Brandi Glanville’s deleted comments since the telecast has aired. But viewers are not keeping silent about the telecast.

In a news statement this week, Glanville says she cannot repeat the remarks again in public. Brandi claims that Bravo allegedly removed her on-air remarks and allegedly will not airing them at anytime thereafter. Bravo has yet to confirm that same.

Bravo is not airing the comments currently but is referencing the edited exchange, the edited dispute about the comments, and the drama that ensues.

This week, Bravo put a picture of an angry face of Adrienne and husband Paul Nassif on the front of (see above) from the episode, adding the caption “Must-See Moment: Brandi vs. Adrienne”. The header image of the RHOBH page on BravoTV featured the caption “Brandi vs. Adrienne — and Paul!” Also featured are captions “Adrienne and Paul confront Brandi”, “out of control anger”, “Brandi’s dinner bomb”, and “Brandi and Adrienne from BFFs to Enemies”.

But it doesn’t end there. Maloof did not release a new blog this week, so far. But Kim Richards did release one entitled “something Adrienne needed to know”. Lisa wrote about “the end of Adrienne’s wrath”, and Kyle says “Brandi went too far”.

A transcript of Glanville’s comments edited out of the show do not appear online. But on, viewers of the show are posting their own reaction in the comments section. While Bravo is not airing Brandi’s comments about Adrienne Maloof’s family on air, it is allowing viewers to remark about the telecast.


  1. T.Mac

    December 25, 2012 at 10:57 am

    What is the big deal?? Everyone knows Brandi can’t hold water to save her life (let alone her childrens’) and when you have that much money why would you mess up your body if someone else is willing to do so?!!? Its still the eggs and sp rm of Adrienne and Paul. Im sure hoodrats and trailer trash candidates around the US wish they didnt’ spit out a football team out physically. Lol. no walls left. (like Brandi).

  2. Diva

    January 14, 2013 at 8:15 pm

    I agree I think to be a reality show you must show everything! Adrian and Paul are freaks and I love Brandi!

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