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Kenya Moore Faked Walter Jackson as Boyfriend on RHOA?

Kenya Moore Faked Walter Jackson as Boyfriend on RHOA

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Kenya Moore faked Walter Jackson as her boyfriend for RHOA? Walter Jackson isn’t Kenya Moore’s boyfriend, has never had relations with the RHOA, hasn’t seen her in the last three years, and even is dating someone else! So who is Walter Jackson’s real girlfriend? It’s definitely not Kenya Moore. Kenya Moore is involved in a major Real Housewives of Atlanta scandal today accused of faking her biggest storyline this season, “boyfriend” Walter.

Are Kenya Moore and Walter Jackson still dating and together? Walter Jackson tells news that he and Kenya Moore were not dating when RHOA cameras were rolling this season. Moreover he said he hadn’t seen her for at least three years and has his own (real) girlfriend.

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Bravo, Kenya Moore and producers of RHOA are under fire today for allegedly airing fake episode after episode of the current season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. As reported first on LALATE, Moore was not living in Atlanta when she was cast in the reality show. Rather she had move to the city to film the show. It’s at that time that she purportedly called up one current cast member, Walter Jackson. He tells Frank Ski and Wanda Smith that he got a call from Moore after she was cast by Bravo.

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She allegedly told him “I’m going to be doing this show. What do you think of reality TV?” He at first was reluctant. “I don’t know. That’s kind of a stretch there.” Then she asked him “What if you play my boyfriend on the show? … It’s just like acting.”

Jackson tells news that Moore allegedly told him to fake the role of her boyfriend on the “Real” Housewives of Atlanta even though the two were not dating. At the time, and still today, Jackson has a girlfriend much younger than Moore. He claims that he and Moore dated more than three years ago for only ninety days. Bravo, Moore and producers have yet to comment about the scandal. Walter says that the purported secret was kept between him and Moore and not revealed the producers. Bravo has a long history of not inviting back housewives who the public at least perceive as fake or not forth coming

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