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Jenni Rivera Feared Dead, Murio in Plane Crash Today?

Jenni Rivera Feared Dead, Murio in Plane Crash Today death died 2012 is

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Jenni Rivera is feared dead in a plane crash in Mexico. Es cantante Jenni Rivera murio en Mexico hoy? Jenni Rivera may have died this December 9, 2012. Officials fear Rivera’s death today after her plane crashed out of Monterrey, Mexico. Officials still are unsure if Rivera or any passengers survived the flight. Search and rescue efforts are still underway. A new conference is expected momentarily.

Jenni Rivera may have died after her plane crashed during a flight Sunday. Jenni’s plane left Monterrey about 3:30 am local time today. Ten minutes later the plane lost contact with control towers. Jorge Domene, spokesman for the Nuevo Leon state government, tells local news that search and rescue are underway. He had no details about other passengers on the flight.

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The plane was Learjet 25 registered to a U.S. based company. Rivera, 43, is originally from Long Beach. Seven passengers were on board the flight. Officials have yet to indicate if any of Rivera’s family was flying along with her.

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Rivera had just finished a concert last night. She was set to arrive in Toluca Sunday. UPDATE: The names of the passengers and pilots have been released to news. The pilots were Miguel Pérez and Alejandro Torres. The passengers were Jenny Dolores Rivera, Arturo Rivera, Mario Macías, Jacob Llenares Gerard and Gerardo N. For continuing breaking coverage, click HERE.

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