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Jenni Rivera Feared Dead, Death Reports Disputed as Plane Found

 Jenni Rivera Feared Dead, Death died plane crash se murio

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Is Jenni Rivera dead? Unconfirmed Jenni Rivera death reports are being disputed by officials currently. Several Spanish language websites have falsely announced Jenni Rivera has died this December 9, 2012, even though search and rescue efforts are still underway. Officials are telling news that it could be hours as search teams are en route to the crash site.

Jenni Rivera is still feared dead in after a plane crash today December 9, 2012. Moments ago, officials told news that Rivera’s plane has been found. It remains unclear if sections or the complete aircraft was found. But officials said that search and rescue efforts could take “hours”.

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The list of crash victims with Rivera has been released to news. El Director General de Aeronáutica Civil, Alejandro Argudín tells news that the pilots onboard the private jet were Miguel Pérez and Alejandro Torres. The passengers are believed to have been Jenny Dolores Rivera, Arturo Rivera, Mario Macías, Jacob Llenares Gerard and Gerardo N.

Shortly around 1 pm PST today, the Mayor of Iturbide, Nuevo Leon, Jose Antonio Gonzalez, told news that farmers had located the plane. The report is not clear as to how much of the plane was discovered. But the report pinpointed the location as Iturbide, in Sierra Madre, two hours from Monterrey.

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The Learjet left Monterrey at 3:15 am PST today. It lost contact with radar a short time thereafter. Search and rescue efforts were dispatched at 4:40 am. Initial efforts involved two helicopters and an airplane. But farmers were the first to locate the plane.

The cause of the plane crash remains unknown. The location is prompting trouble for officials. It’s being reported as a mountainous section of sierra de Galeana, according to Univision.

Passenger Jacob Yebale is believed to have taken the final photo of Rivera before the plane crash. The picture shared on his Instagram account of jacobyebale was taken roughly twelve hours ago. For it, he writes “We getting Back To Mexico City…..jenni Rivera ,Arturo , Gigi and Me.. Los Amooo!”

La Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT) confirms news that the plane was discovered Sunday. It also claims the plane was owned allegedly by U.S. agency Starwood Management. “FAA Investigates alleged causes crash in Nuevo León” . The agency said in a news statement today “It began the search protocol corresponding to 04:00 hours with the help of two helicopters and an airplane. The Ministry of Communications and Transport reiterates that it will continue with the course of the investigations.”

ForoTv of Televisa also tells news today that “Alejandro Argudín, director general of Civil Aviation, confirmed the disappearance of the plane where the singer Jenny Rivera travels…. The aircraft lost contact Jenni Rivera tower control, just minutes after takeoff from Monterrey … at 4:40 am lost radar contact with the plane carrying the singer Jenni Rivera”.


  1. maria campos

    December 10, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    God wanted Jenny cause she had so many tragic _things happening in her life and she needed peace. RIP Reina Jenny you will be missed. love you!!

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