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Jenni Rivera Dead, Death Confirmed in Mexico Plane Crash

Jenni Rivera jenny rivera Dead, Death Confirmed in Mexico Plane Crash dies murio

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Jenni Rivera is dead following today’s Mexico plane crash. Jenni Rivera was cited as Jenny Rivera in Sunday’s crash list. Rivera, born Dolores Janney Rivera (final photos below), died Sunday December 9, 2012 after performing live a concert in Mexico, officials confirmed to news. Rivera leaves behind millions of adored fans along with music, tv, and film achievements. She was 43 years old.

Jenni Rivera died early Sunday after her private jet crashed in Mexico. For hours fans wondered if Jenni Rivera was dead after news of her plane crash surfaced from local officials. Still how and why the plane crashed remains a mystery. An investigation into the cause of the crash remains underway.

Jenni Rivera Final Pictures Set 1
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Jenni Rivera was on board her private jet early Sunday morning. With her were passengers Arturo Rivera, Mario Macías, Jacob Llenares Gerard and Gerardo N. The pilots were identified as Miguel Pérez and Alejandro Torres.

The final picture of Jenni Rivera is believed to have been taken by her makeup artist, Jacob Yebale, and shared by Jacob on his Instagram account of jacobyebale. In it, he smiled along with the singer. He wrote simply “We getting Back To Mexico City…..jenni Rivera ,Arturo , Gigi and Me.. Los Amooo!”

Jenni Rivera Final Pictures Set 2
Jenni Rivera Photo 5
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Hours earlier, Rivera tweeted what would be her final message to fans. In it, she wrote “nos vemos este … 8 en Monterrey. I love you.” She share a picture of her message to adoring fans.

The location of Rivera’s body remains unknown. Initially, officials told news that the crash scene had been discovered by farmers. The delay to identify the plane was the result of difficult terrain in the region.

The plane had departed Sunday morning at 3;30 am from Monterrey, Mexico. But after ten minutes, the plane lost contact with its tower. The jet was set to head to Toluca, a community outside Mexico City. But for reasons still unknown, the plane began a decent in the municipality of Los Tejocotes. No reports of weather conditions impacting the plane have yet to be released to news.

Jorge Domene, spokesman for Nuevo Leon’s government, told news late Sunday that there were no survivors from the crash. The Learjet 25 is allegedly owned by U.S. agency Starwood Management. Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, Mexico’s Secretary of Communications and Transports, also said that the remains of the private jet were found, but that there were no survivors.

The plan was headed to Toluca International Airport but crashed only ten minutes into the flight. No repair history on the plane has yet to be released to news.

Proclaimed the La Diva de la Banda, Rivera sold more than fifteen million records worldwide. Her reality show I Love Jenni became a massive hit for mun2. Rivera was set to bring a major TV sitcom to ABC under her own production umbrella. Robert Boyett and Robert Horn were attached to the highly anticipated project from ABC Studios.

Funeral arrangements have not been announced to news. Jenni Rivera will be greatly missed but never forgotten. Send your love.


  1. Margin Miranda

    December 12, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    Ohhhh Jenny I will miss you , you were a great woman and mother you cared about other people not about fame rip loooove you hope your spirit can protect us while it can loooove you bye

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