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Missing Utah Mom Photos Prompt Susan Powell, Steve Powell Mystery

Missing Utah Mom Photos Prompt Susan Powell, Steve Powell Mystery

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Missing Utah mom photos of Susan Powell taken by Steve Powell are prompting more mystery today. Susan Powell has been missing over three years. At the time of the Utah mom’s disappearance, she was living with her husband, Josh, his father-in-law, Steve, and the couple’s two children. Earlier this year, Josh killed himself and his two children.

And while Steven Powell has been uncooperative about Susan Powell’s disappearance, nearly 4500 photos have been obtained by news of the missing Utah mom. The photos not yet released reportedly are disturbing. They were part of at criminal trial against Steve Powell earlier this year that resulted in a voyeurism criminal conviction.

Many of the pictures of the mom by Steven Powell are stalker in nature, shot from afar. In some pictures, Susan is just photographed walking around town. In other pictures, he zooms in on body parts. In some, she is unclothed.

Photos obtained were categorized into folder(s) with Susan’s name. Also obtained by news were journal entries maintained by Steven. In one he writes that he had ” a most pleasant dream about Susan.” In another entry, he writes about dreaming that Susan comes to him and says “Do you think I would make a good wife for you?”

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