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Tamar Braxton New Song off Album Impresses Tamar and Vince Fans

Tamar Braxton New Song off Album Impressed Tamar and Vince Fans love and war

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Tamar Braxton’s new song Love and War off her upcoming album impressed Tamar and Vince fans overnight. But tonight, Tamar Braxton debuts her new song on television in a special WeTV live telecast. Since Tamar Braxton’s new single released, it shot up to the top of the iTunes overnight download charts. But for longtime fans of Tamar’s music, the success was to be expected.

Tamar Braxton with Love and War attempts to reconnect with fans musically twelve years after her first album. Many of Braxton’s TV fans may not have bought her impressive debut album in 2000 from DreamWorks. The album featured the single If You Don’t Wanna Love Me.

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Even then, Tamar’s voice was stellar. In If You Don’t Wanna, Braxton sung in lower octaves, and shorter range, than her current single. The 2000 song while stellar was far less challenging than her latest effort.

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In Love and War, Braxton delivers a wide range with impressive vocals and soothing tones. Fans liked the ballad so much overnight that they immediately drove her to the top of the iTunes charts. Many fans, perhaps unaware of Tamar’s talents even back in 2000, were shocked her vocal gift is so overwhelming.

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Braxton was quickly compared to some of music’s best, including Mariah Carey and of course her sister Toni Braxton. But Braxton, clearly determined to break the mold, has a unique sound, delivery, and tempo that was clearly evident back in 2000 and is far better today twelve years later.

For If You Don’t Wanna Love Me, click HERE. And for her new single Love and War, click HERE. Tamar and Vince’s finale airs tonight on WeTV. And while Tamar has yet to announce her album release date, fans are ready to buy it.

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