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Ric Flair Separation Pursued by Jacqueline Baines Beems

Ric Flair Separation Pursued by Jacqueline Baines Beems

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Ric Flair separation is being pursued by Jacqueline Baines Beems (photo above). The Ric Flair separation was filed after reported cheating by the wrestler. Jacqueline is Flair’s fourth wife. Neither party has yet to comment to news about the cheating allegations and the latest move for separation.

Jacqueline Baines Beems aka Jacqueline Flair claims her husband Richard Morgan Fliehr “has had numerous intimate relationships with other women during the parties” to “the embarrassment and humiliation of wife.” She however claims that she was a “faithful and dutiful wife” since they got married in 2009. Her allegations don’t end there. She claims that he acted improperly toward her in a “cruel and barbarous manner.”

The couple filed for separation in October. But now she claims that he need to pay her fifteen thousand dollars to cover her legal bills. She asserts that she is unable to afford the legal matter. She also claims that he agreed to pay her four thousand dollars per month in spousal support and hasn’t done so.

Even more peculiar. WBTV reports that she was allegedly “holding onto two of Fliehr’s signature robes, but returned them to his lawyer’s office, according to documents.”

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